“So hot I can barely touch it.”

“So hot I can barely touch it.”

Over the weekend, a number of messages appeared stating that the iPhone 15 Pro Max may be suffering from a heating issue.

Reports suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is getting very hot

There are conflicting reports that this is indeed an issue, but now there are more reports from advanced users that things aren’t quite as they should be. Now that the Pro models have a titanium frame, it’s been suggested that titanium collects more heat than steel, and that’s where the problem may lie. However, it is strange that the A17 Pro chip is made with 3nm technology for lower power consumption and more performance, but perhaps Apple has patented the chip too aggressively? Testing this is very important, and they’ve probably been doing this for a long time, so it’s surprising to hear about the issues.

“I thought people were exaggerating, but no, it’s not good,” Apple expert Ian Zelbo says his iPhone 15 Pro Max got so hot when it was quickly charged to 50 percent that he could barely touch it.

Maybe your installation is causing this

X account “Apple Hub” reports that its iPhone 15 Pro Max is “having major issues with overheating after a few minutes of use. This doesn’t look good so far…” They add that “the titanium frame gets very hot after a few minutes of use.” “You don’t need to open an app for the phone to get hot really quickly,” the same account says.

It’s possible the issues are simply due to iOS 17 putting things in place in the background after a fresh install (it’s also thought the apps aren’t optimized for the new chip), but we don’t recall this being an issue in previous launches. If so, we should have significantly fewer such reports this week, and those who reported the problem should report that things are fine again.

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Meanwhile, we read from another customer, and this is just an anecdote like the others, that he didn’t feel the mobile phone was particularly hot even after playing a fair amount of Call of Duty. It’s too early to conclude anything yet, but this Can It’s possible that Apple will have to downgrade the performance of the A17 Pro when the phone isn’t quite as stressed. However, these are just speculations, so we’ll wait a bit and watch.

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