Solar energy, solar power station | – The finest areas will be used for solar parks

Solar energy, solar power station |  – The finest areas will be used for solar parks

If you haven't been waiting for the windmills quite yet, you should move on now. Netavisen wrote this winter that in several places in the country, there will be solar parks installed on the ground. But the Norwegian Hunters and Fishermen's Association in Vestfold (NJFFV) will have none of that. This printer Sandfjords country.

“Many plant and animal species live in forested areas, and by constructing forests to install solar parks, the habitats of many species are destroyed,” the NJFFV said in a recently adopted resolution.

Specifically, there are plans for solar cell systems in several places in the Vestfold district, in Brunlannes and Golling.

– We don't have a lot of forest in Vestfold, especially in the outer parts of the county, and it's important to take care of what little we have left, says board member Jan Thor Nalum to Sandefjords Blad.

The association believes that these facilities should be added to areas that have already been developed.

More solar power plants may come

Energy company Aneo plans to build a 345-acre solar park in Brunlannes. He writes that landowners must have already signed agreements to lease the area Sandfjords country. Skagerak Kraft also has plans to establish a 500-acre solar power plant in Vestfold, the newspaper wrote.

The Norwegian Agriculture Directorate investigated the consequences of solar power plants on agricultural and forest areas. They believe that solar power plants in such areas contribute to deforestation.

– Deforestation for solar energy development is therefore in addition to deforestation that occurs for other downsizing purposes, and will thus represent a new driver behind deforestation in Norway, said department head Odd-Ingrid Krefting at the Netafsen Directorate of Agriculture earlier this month. General.

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Destructive to hunters and berry gatherers

Nalum says at NJFFV that solar developers prefer to have the best forested areas.

-This is usually in the best hiking areas and in the middle of deer hunting trips. It will destroy us who enjoy nature, hunters, mushroom and berry pickers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

NVE has informed Nettavisen that they are aware of up to 50 different major single projects being planned.

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