Some social notes from Bybanen

Some social notes from Bybanen

Are we really social beings who seek connection and want to connect with other people?

Øivind Sørbø notes that women often sit with women, as well as men.
  • Øivind Sørbø Johannessen


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we would like to Conceive us as social beings who seek and want to connect with others.

On that occasion, I made some “social” (non-scientific) observations:

  • When a person enters the track, that person searches (frantically) for a free seat on a two-seater where no one has sat before.
  • If a person cannot find a seat with two free seats, the women primarily look for a free seat where the woman was seated before.

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  • If the person is a man, he is mainly looking for a free seat next to a woman, but may accept a male companion.
  • When someone is seated in an empty double seat (facing the aisle), they will often place their bag on the window seat, apparently to avoid sitting in the “vacant” seat.
Øyvind Sørbø Johannessen noticed some patterns on Bybanen.
  • Even if there is an empty seat next to the person, some people still choose to stand (because they can’t find an empty two-seater, probably).
  • When the person finds a free seat, it takes a few seconds before the person grabs (hello) the mobile phone, which becomes the “social buddy” for the rest of the flight.
  • If a person has a friend and takes the lead in a conversation (about the weather or something else), that person is met with a look of surprise and partly intrusive shock.
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Are we really connection-seeking social beings who seek and want to connect with other people, or?

If you could choose between an empty seat next to a man and an empty seat next to a woman – what would you choose?


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