Sondre Jostad, Gay | Sondre Justad opens: – I wanted a girlfriend so badly

Sondre Jostad, Gay |  Sondre Justad opens: – I wanted a girlfriend so badly

In March 2022, the artist Sondre Gustad (33 years old) revealed in a blog post on Instagram that he found love, and in the same post he also said that the two became cohabitants.

Gustad revealed already in 2018 that he is bisexual, during his television appearances on “Lindmo”.

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Nettavisen met the artist during the Slottsfjell festival earlier this summer, where he spoke about the shame he feels being gay.

He would like girls

Jostad tells Nettavisen that it is strange to think what life was like about two years ago, when he shared with all of Norway that he had found a boyfriend.

For a long time he tried to convince himself that he loves girls.

– It’s strange to think back to last year, when I was still insecure and unsure of who I was. I didn’t want a boyfriend, I really wanted a girlfriend, he tells Nettavisen and adds:

– I never thought it would turn out like this and imagined a happy life with a lady.

I have spent an enormous amount of energy in my life fighting the thing that I shouldn’t be spending on now. Now I am not using all my strength to fight.

I kept it hidden

At first, he only told his family and closest friends. At the time, he was told that everything would be easier once he got out of the closet. He didn’t believe it at all.

– I remember a lot of people were saying it gets better after I get out. But I thought no, damn it. I am not and it will not be easy for me.

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However, it turns out that the advice he received helped.

– It was very nice to say that and I felt like I had more ownership.

And after he took it on, I felt completely safe.

– Now it seems like the most normal thing in the whole world. We have a totally normal, sweet relationship, where we can hold hands on the street, like any other couple, he says with a big smile.

positive response

Moreover, the artist says that he is very happy that he dared to share it.

– I got many nice messages from people who needed to hear it. Many people get to know themselves very well, and find it inspiring to see how things can turn out.

This summer, he’s already brought his girlfriend on stage several times, and they’ve also released a song together.

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