Sorloth forgot to check the price tag – bought bed linen for 45,000 – NRK Sport – Sports news, scores and broadcast schedule

Sorloth forgot to check the price tag – bought bed linen for 45,000 – NRK Sport – Sports news, scores and broadcast schedule

In fresh Football documentarywhich tracks Norwegian men's national team players over a long period, money becomes the topic.

It's no secret that high-level male footballers often have a little more money in their accounts than the man in the street.

In short: Not everyone spends their wages on well-thought-out purchases.

Bed linen is 45,000

Alexander Sorloth, who has performed well recently and has become an important player for Villarreal in La Liga, for example, went on a real shopping spree.

Sorloth's roommate, Lena Selnes, is asked in the documentary when she first noticed she was living the luxury life with a soccer star.

– When we first moved to London I noticed a slight change. It's not like we went crazy, but we made a small mistake and bought bed linen for 45,000. We don't check the price, she smiles.

Shopping error: Alexander Sorloth did not check the price of the mattress. It was expensive. Here in an interesting conversation with Draumen about EC presenters Morten Rahm and Erik Solbakken.

Photo: EC/NRK Dream

Alexander Sorloth himself has to laugh at the whole situation.

– When you're in “luxury” stores, there's no price, right? And then it would be great to ask. We got to the box and saw that it was written £4,500. Lots of bedding! And it turned out to be really bad, says Sorloth Gallows humorously.

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Think about your first month's salary

Trunder remembers well that he suddenly began to make extraordinary money.

– When I started to really break through and went to Crystal Palace and the Premier League, the first month's salary was really great. But as with everything in life, you get used to it. It sounds far-fetched, but that's the way it is, says the striker.

Football, European Nations Cup qualifiers, Cyprus - Norway

Good Money: Alexander Sorloth and the Norwegian stars talk in NRK's ​​new documentary about their relationship with money.

Photo: Vegard Groot / BILDBYRÅN

Odegaard's huge salary

Sorloth's national team teammate, Martin Odegaard, can also buy bed linen for 45,000 if he wishes.

According to The Times and The Athletic, Odegaard is earning more than £200,000 per week after signing a lucrative new contract with Arsenal in September 2023.

This corresponds to more than NOK 2.6 million in weekly wages and NOK 135 million per year at the day rate.

When asked by NRK program director Erik Solbakken how important money is to Odegaard, the Drama Minister responded as follows:

– Not what is most important to me, not what motivates and drives me. But of course I'm lucky, I eat well and don't have to think too much about what I'm doing. “Money has never been my motivation, but yes, I am very lucky and privileged,” he says.

Solbakken hit Ødegaard

He doesn't care about the money: but sometimes Martin Odegaard indulges in little more than visits to four-star hotels.

Photo: EC/NRK Dream

-Maybe go to some more expensive hotels

Although it is certainly easy to be dazzled by the huge amounts that go into the account, Odegaard stresses that it does not mean much to him personally.

However, he reveals that he sometimes indulges in things that he might otherwise have dropped.

“I might go to some more expensive hotels than I would have otherwise, but it's not like I'm buying a lot of stuff all the time,” says the Arsenal player.

When Erik Solbakken asked if Odegaard was the prototypical 'man of the hour', something not entirely unusual for footballers with a lot of money, the Norway captain lifted his jacket and showed he wasn't wearing it.

-I have a few watches, but it was never anything like that… watches, cars, I never understood it. Yes, I have an hour or two, and I have a good car, but it doesn't give me much pleasure, he says.


Earn well: Martin Odegaard recently signed a lucrative deal with Arsenal.

Photo: Agence France-Presse

Strandberg: – Then you buy an apartment

Stefan Strandberg, who according to Finansavisen should have earned 70 million in just four years in Russian football, has done well financially during his career. In 2020, he bought a penthouse apartment in Aker Brygge for NOK 38 million.

In the new NRK documentary He receives questions about what he spends his money on.

– Then you buy an apartment, and he answers you with a smile.

– No, you are special when you play football at a high level. One makes good money, and only gets more and more. It's important that you've put a little thought into it yourself, or you should have a good device around you, which means you invest it smartly, says Lingdolen.


Get financial help: This is Stefan Strandberg's advice.

Photo: European Commission Dream

Strandberg also admits that he fell into the luxury trap several times.

-I think I have a lot of Louis Vuitton bags in my closet. “There are no more stereotypical footballers than that,” Strandberg says with a smile.

Shoes for 12,000

Even the youngest members of the national team have some luxurious habits inherent in them.

Manchester City player Oscar Pope, who recently signed a lucrative five-year contract with the English giants, told the program that the boots he was wearing that day cost £900. This answers to More than 12,000 NOK.


Expensive Shoes: These cost a shirt, but Oscar Pope turned the pages.

Photo: NRK

– I used it a lot, Oscar Pope says on the program.

– When you have NOK 12,000 worth of shoes, it's nice to be able to use them a littleMorten Rahm jokes.

Although he no longer needs to worry about the economy, and according to Channel 2, Bob receives a weekly salary of more than half a million Norwegian kroner after the new agreement with City, this was not always the case.

– I remember the first time I got a salary, I think it was August 2019, I received £700 in my account and I used it all at once. It was a Gucci thing that Bob remembers and laughs about.

Football, international friendly match, Norway - Faroe Islands

HUGSAR'S FIRST SALARY: It disappeared quickly, says Oscar Pope.

Photo: Vegard Groot / BILDBYRÅN

Stefan Strandberg believes there are some obvious risks when footballers step up and sign their first big contract.

– It is often young people who make a lot of money. And it's not just that. It's easier to sit on the sidelines and criticize, but if you were in the same situation, you might have taken a hit or two, Strandberg says.

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