Sports, handball | I got the dreaded WC notice. Now comes the warning

Sports, handball |  I got the dreaded WC notice.  Now comes the warning

Stavanger (Nitavisen): Austria might be an easy nut for Norwegian girls. The 17-goal win gave everyone reasons to smile.

But on Friday morning came the message that “everyone” fears during the tournament. Lineman Vilde had to miss the group stage match, with what Hergerson described as an “out of shape” condition.

– Ingstad wasn’t quite fit this morning. We don’t take any chances. He told the press that we have a high level of preparedness for a possible disease.

Girls’ handball has previously received criticism due to strict infection prevention measures before and during the ongoing tournament.

Rystad: – The situation is difficult

Heni Rystad played a ghost game for Norway. After the big game, the star admitted some thoughts ran through his mind when the shock announcement came this morning.

-I noticed that you have to be more careful than you already are, especially within the team. We have to be good at washing hands and everything else. We have been very careful about infections, but you never know where the infection is coming from, she told Netavisen.

How do you deal with this disappointing message?

– It’s a difficult situation, because you can’t be completely sure. At the same time, life on tour would be very difficult if you only thought about it, so you try to avoid violent hysteria. We’ll just have to take it from day to day.

Teammate Stine Skogrand says that previous experience means you’re able to lower your shoulders a little more.

– I think we handle such situations very well as a group. We had some infections in the Reds too, and then I remember you started to feel a little nauseous if something happened to you. But today it was quite calm, considering the good experience last time, when the right player came for Netavsen.

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It continues:

-We can do nothing but be careful and do what we have to do to prevent its spread.

At Saturday’s news conference, Ingstad was still absent.

Svele: – Be careful

TV 2 expert Bent Svil expressed his confidence that the Norwegian health team had predicted the disease, but explained that the team could not be completely safe.

– Don’t risk it when you get sick on the team, and these infections can come from all kinds of places. Other guests at the hotel you are staying at, the barbell at the fitness center you are using or other points of contact. Daddy is there, even if you stay away from selfies and all that.

– I am quite sure that Norway has a good control of this infection, and what amount should be added in each case. If you feel bad before a World Cup match, but don’t say anything, that’s the worst. Now it sounds like you have a good routine for it.

Criticism has come from other experts about the Norwegian measures. Are Thorir & Co suddenly right now that illness has taken hold in the team?

– Basically, it is almost impossible to protect yourself from all types of infections, so I am not a fan of those who started with such restrictions already in Larvik a long time ago. It’s a choice they make, and it’s probably sad for others, he told Netavesin.

At the same time it comes with a small warning:

– Thorer will not get a chance to defend himself if ten players fall ill, despite the odds. They want to win the World Cup, but at the same time they have to be careful in the long term about staying away from the fans.

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Norway awaits the final match in the group stage on Sunday, when it will play South Korea in the opposite half of the field. Must be won to enter the main round with a full pool.

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