Stein Engen reveals the admitted game in Forman

Stein Engen reveals the admitted game in Forman

The seventh “Farmers” week ends, and on Sunday Stine Engan (42) had to lose the ax throw against his good friend Bente Rabba (54).

– An embarrassing blur, Engen tells Dagbladet after a 3-0 loss with numbers.

But all is not as it seems on TV.

tears: After today’s fight at “Farmen” it was a tearful farewell. Video: TV2/Red Runner.
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– He said I want to punch

Lincoln Mayor Don Howard Johnson (54) died last Sunday Had to quit the program After his stay Selected as the first champion Precisely by Bente Rabba. Then, during the hearing, Rabba answered questions from presenter Nicklas Farley (33) about why he chose the boys’ competition:

– Half an hour before I decided I was ready for the women’s match. But then something happened that changed my mind, she said – not wanting to elaborate.

The episode the “Farmen” contestant was referring to was part of a game to break up the alliance between Johnson and this week’s Big Farmer, Ivana Mirik, 28, Engen tells Talkblade.

– I went to the fight knowing that Bende would win. “One thing we agreed on before it started, we agreed on the week Dan Howard was chosen as the first champion,” he reveals.

She explains:

– There was a lot of drama on the farm during this period and it was very tiring. So I told Bent not to bother anymore and I was leaving. Bente replied: “No, don’t leave me.”

– A piece in the game

According to the 42-year-old, when Johnson signed up for the first fight last week, he thought he knew what he was doing and that he controlled the game.

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Nice hug: Stine Engen gets a nice hug from her friend before leaving the farm.  Photo: Anton Chokiu / Strix / TV2

Nice hug: Stine Engen gets a nice hug from her friend before leaving the farm. Photo: Anton Chokiu / Strix / TV2
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He doesn’t, she believes.

– If Pente had picked Ivana as the first fighter last week, Ivana would have picked me to fight, which would have been fine with me. I told Bente that my motivation wasn’t the best and that she might have to walk away from the matter along with Ivana and Don, while at the same time hoping that she wasn’t pressuring her friend in any way.

– She chose Don, who we knew was going to fail because he didn’t have the physique to stand up to the other guys anyway. Then we know that Ivana will become a big farmer and either me or Bente will be chosen as the first champion. Ivana would never choose Hanna or Andrea. We can go to war this week and then I’ll go home.

She continues:

– Dan became a piece of the game for Bente and me.

They visited each other

The 42-year-old said few people knew about the scheme that had been implemented.

Neither of them needed to see the giant cabins, so they decided to see each other.

– We were out for a walk during the day and stuff like that. The giant cabins were so close together that we could see each other.

– Is that allowed?

– Ha ha, the big topic within the farm is what is legal and what is not – as well as what is internal justice. Going to these rooms upset the gang a bit, but Bende and I thought we couldn’t offend anyone by going. to each other.

Terrible New “Torbet”

So, it took Stine Egan seven weeks on “The Farm.” A good feeling in her body when she left.

– If I hadn’t been motivated to go home, it would have been incredibly difficult. It was truly an adventure because I got to know such amazing people. But I felt ready to go, says the defeated runner-up, who suddenly got the feeling that the torpedo was still there just before the exit.

– That’s what I told Bent and. So when I was walking with Niklaus after the match, I said to him: “Didn’t you say Torpedo 2 is here now?”. “No, you watched the final yourself,” he replied. We got a little further in and then he said “But you…” Then I got a total overdrive and thought I had to. It was embarrassing.

New week safe: Bente Rabba are set for the new week with a 3-0 win over Sunday's doubleheader.  Photo: Anton Chokiu / Strix / TV2

New week safe: Bente Rabba are set for the new week with a 3-0 win over Sunday’s doubleheader. Photo: Anton Chokiu / Strix / TV2
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Agreed game or not: Engen is still embarrassed by the fact that he couldn’t win a single point in the ax throwing competition. The Not planned.

– I was hoping to score some points with that wink, she tells Dogbladet with a smile.

Mouth Carving: Things got heated between the two “farmer” participants when diet became a topic. Video: TV2/Red Runner
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Bente Rabba confirmed the story to TalkBladet.

– We already discussed this topic in a week, and then it would have been nice to meet in battle. “I still can’t say for sure what she will do in a match against me – whether she will give her all in a match against me or not,” he says.

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