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Proposes new measures: Prime Minister Jonas Kar Store (Labor Party).

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister proposes new and drastic measures against the spread of infection and the Omigran variant. But there will be no new shutdown.


After 10.00 pm, Prime Minister Jonas Khar will present Store (Labor Party) Storting what the situation is and the way forward for the government to deal with the epidemic.

Has already announced that it is coming New and intensive activities.

Infection pressure and Pressure on the health service Has recently increased. Many hospitals are struggling to implement it.

In addition, the new and indirectly highly contagious Omigron variant is lurking More closely Norwegian borders.

For VG, what action does the Store Government now propose – and what actions will it take? No. Propose.

He says the strategy laid out in mid-September that the time for action is over can no longer be the basis for corona manipulation.

– The epidemic is not over. This is a new phase. The infection will still be with us for a long time.

– Are you saying we should live with the epidemic?

– Yes, the corona virus will be with us for a long time. For the past year and a half, we have become accustomed to following infection statistics, which are still on the first page of VG. But what needs to be followed now are not infection numbers.

The development for Covid-19 patients admitted to a hospital in Norway is:

Do not turn off

The government has defined the edges of two ditches to be avoided in the future. First, overcrowded hospitals and health care exploded.

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– We can not live with it, says the store.

The other is shutdown.

– We are well aware of how big those costs are. Many lost their jobs and became economically difficult, paying high prices for children and young people, as well as our elderly.

But there will be new national measures anyway – at 12.00 they will be delivered by the government.

– The store says we are not talking about closures and operations like they were last winter.

The government now defines one measure as more important than everything else, namely the vaccine.

– Now the most important thing is that everyone over the age of 65 takes a refreshing dose. And everyone else who is given it should be vaccinated. The Prime Minister says the vaccine in particular allows new drastic measures to be avoided.

Not a meter rule either

– Are there any special measures related to getting people to get the upcoming vaccine, or is it still a strong demand?

– I’ll be right back. But, at the same pace as when we fully vaccinated earlier this year, municipalities will be able to vaccinate people in the future. We need to vaccinate quickly and make the offer accessible. Then people have to stand in line.

– If so, is it not a question of reintroducing the one meter rule nationally?

– No. Not so now.

When asked if the Christmas table would go normally, the store says it’s back on Storting’s roster.

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