Strong nuclear warning to North Korea: – It will mean the end of the regime

Strong nuclear warning to North Korea: – It will mean the end of the regime

South Korea states in clear text what would happen if the dictatorship in the North used nuclear weapons.


Tensions between North and South Korea have increased in the past year. Dictator Kim Jong Un carried out a long series of missile launches that provoked his neighbor to the south.

At the same time, South Korea has strengthened its military cooperation with the United States, showing that it is not intimidated by numerous provocations. In July, a nuclear-armed American submarine arrived in South Korea, which experts believe constitutes a deterrent.

North Korea has no plans to give up its nuclear weapons; on the contrary, the country is eager to show them to the outside world, as happened during the military parade in February.

North Korea has established detailed guidelines on how to use and control nuclear weapons set forth in its constitution.

The South Korean Ministry of Defense wrote in a statement that this constitutes a serious threat to international peace and stability, adding that the country’s nuclear weapons program makes the country isolated from the outside world, which leads to more suffering for the North Korean people.

At the same time, South Korea reminds its neighbor of the ROK-US cooperation, which is military cooperation between South Korea and the United States.

– Our military defense has a joint readiness posture that can overwhelmingly respond to any attack from North Korea, and if North Korea tries to use nuclear weapons, it will mean the end of the regime.

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