September 26, 2022


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Superb Sandviken undefeated in league - season capped with another win - VG

Superb Sandviken undefeated in league – season capped with another win – VG

NEW WIN: Once again Sandviken could trumpet victory after defeating LSK Women in the last game of the season.

(LSK – Sandviken 0-2) Sandviken finished the season with a 17th win. Meanwhile, drama was at the bottom of the table.


– These are very huge numbers. What these players did this year, it’s very beautiful, Sandviken coach Alexander Strauss told NRK after the season’s final match.

Because with Saturday’s win against the LSK Women, Sandviken repeated the feat that Saturday’s opponent had succeeded precisely in 2016. To win the series, without losing a match. Of the 54 possible points, Sandviken has 52 points.

– Absolutely wonderful, could not have been better, summed up the Sandvikens Tova Hansen NRK.

A short week ago, they were able to celebrate the club’s first game gold chainAnd, in the final game of the season, this year’s edition of Unbeatable had some problems.

Already after seven minutes, Sandviken has found his way into the mesh masks. On a post by Marit Bratberg Lund, the ball ended with Maria Dybwad Brochmann elegantly sending guests up front.

Then there was the LSK incident that doubled Sandviken’s lead. With a corner kick from Brattberg Lund, LSK’s Nora Eddy Lay sent the ball past her.

Neither team found their way to the net in the second round, and the match ended with this year’s league champion winning 2-0.

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– It was a good ending, it was good to score some goals in the back, goal scorer Bruchmann, who scored five goals in the previous match, told NRK.

At the same time that Sandviken could cheer for victories again, there was enthusiasm at the bottom of the fight to avoid a qualifying place.

Because before the final round of the series, Lyn and Avaldsnes were even on points, with the latter staying on safe ground with a better goal difference.

Lane was counting on getting more points from Avaldsnes to be able to play for Toppserien as well next season, so it just didn’t work out.

After some intense closing minutes, with Lyn and Avaldsnes making multiple switches several times in the past, it has become clear that the latter will play in the top flight next season as well.

Because with Lyn losing 3-2 and Avaldsnes losing 2-1, both teams finished the season as the table looked before the final round of the series.

Rosenborg, who defeated Lane, finished the season with the silver medal, while LSK won the bronze.

On the other hand, Klepp, who was already ready to go down, lost 1-3 to Vålerenga.