Swedish artist Lasse Bergagen, 78, died accidentally

Swedish artist Lasse Bergagen, 78, died accidentally

It turns out that the sad news of the artist’s death is not true. Now Bauer apologizes to the media.


This came in a news bulletin at 08:00 on Saturday morning, reporting the death of the Swedish artist, Lassi Berghagen (78 years), on the Mix Megapole radio channel.

TV4 is the one that produces news for the channels affiliated with the Power Network. This channel was broadcast live at 08.00 and could not be stopped. It’s very unfortunate, and we’re now investigating what we can do from a technical point of view going forward, Anna Shrina of Bauer Media tells Express.

The error was discovered 20 minutes before the broadcast, TV4 news director Fredrik Malmberg tells Expressen. The announcer must have written a mistake in the script.

– Realizes he’s reading incorrectly 20 minutes before the broadcast starts at 08, calls Bauer Media and tries to convince someone to stop the mistake. But their technology is fully automated, so it can’t be changed, says Malmberg.

He describes the error – and that they did not fix it before broadcast – as terrible.

heart operation

The Swedish artist underwent major heart surgery. As a result of complications, he was placed in an artificial coma. mentioned Aftonbladet Friday.

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– This means that this whole week has been unstable and difficult for all of us. Due to complications, the father has been sedated since Saturday because the body and organs need rest, says his daughter, Malin Berghagen, in the interview. Aftonbladet.

She said in the interview that her father’s condition is stable but critical.

-We take everything day by day, minute by minute. Even if things are moving in the right direction, we know the situation is still critical for Abi. anything could happen. There should not be any complications, things should go as they are now.

Correction sent

The interview was conducted before the father was wrongly reported dead. Mix Megapol sent a correction in the 10.00 news today.

“We start with a correction from a previous broadcast. Lasse Berghagen is still sedated after a heart operation, but he is not dead.” Express Which was announced on the broadcast.

Swedish Mix Megapol has about two million weekly listeners according to Wikipedia.

Lasse Berghagen is a well-known Swedish artist and songwriter. He released his first album in 1969.


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