Technology, Samsung | WOW news from Samsung is official

Technology, Samsung |  WOW news from Samsung is official

Not many people think twice about the type of computer monitor they use, but with its big news, Samsung is now trying to do something about it.

Secretly revealed at CES in Las Vegas in January, the 55-inch Odyssey Ark received an astonishing amount of attention on YouTube — although there are few details.

But now it has been officially launched:

– We are excited to be able to present the next generation gaming monitor – Odyssey Ark. This 55-inch 1000R curved monitor combines outstanding cinematic picture quality, immersive surround sound, and an incredibly flexible interface that gamers increasingly demand. Gamers are demanding new experiences, and Odyssey Ark provides an all-new gaming experience that will uplift the entire industry, says Thomas Råge, Director of IT Product Sales at Samsung Electronics Norway in a press release.

giant screen

Since the pandemic began, the undersigned have been searching for the perfect monitor that will work in both work and entertainment. The pursuit proved fruitless.

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  • Regular gaming screens are too small
  • Large work screens have no arc or have very little arc, which makes sitting too close and its corners hard to see.
  • and existing 49-inch curved gaming monitors too much barn. Practically speaking, it’s just a screen cut in two – or two 27 inches together. It doesn’t do well with many games because things expand, not that big. They also don’t work well with Photoshop – and many have literally called them seasick because they can create the same “locked in” feeling that 3D glasses give.
  • Curved TVs are no longer made
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But what Samsung is revealing now is by far what many considered the best:

This means you have a screen that isn’t quite as “laminated” as 49″, which makes people uncomfortable – and at the same time you get the important length of many work tasks and games.

Both console and PC

Unlike the 49-inch ultra-wide screens on the market, the Arc will be fully compatible with both Xbox and Playstation, but will likely be more demanding for PC use.

Samsung also includes its own game streaming solution called the Samsung Gaming Hub, which has included games from Xbox, GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Utomik, and Amazon Luna.

Expensive fun

However, those who were hoping this was a cheap experience will only be disappointed.

While Samsung’s 49-inch Ultra HD monitors were available for under NOK 10,000 during the show periods, the recommended price for the Odessy Ark is NOK 30,995.

It will probably act as a deterrent for most people.

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