Ten people were killed after being stabbed in Canada – VG

Stalking suspects: Police are looking for two named men, considered dangerous and armed.

Canadian police said 10 people were killed and 15 injured after a mass stabbing incident in Canada on Sunday morning. Terrible and heartbreaking, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


The stabbings took place in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

According to the Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the attacks were supposed to occur in several different places and begin in the James Smith Cree Nation, a reservation for several groups of Indigenous Canadians, early Sunday morning.

One or more victims were said to have been attacked in the village of Weldon, according to reports cp24.com.

Police advised residents in the area around the regional capital Regina to seek shelter, writing The New York Times.

Sad: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“It’s terrible and heartbreaking,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wrote on Twitter.

I think of those who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured.

The Prime Minister thanks the emergency services for their efforts.

– We are closely monitoring the situation in Saskatchewan.

Catch the suspects

On Sunday, police chased down the two suspected of being behind the murders National Post.

The police do not know any motives behind the murders. They are looking for two men named, Damian and Miles Sanderson, considered dangerous and armed. They came out with a picture and a name.

A black Nissan Rogue is also wanted, and both are also being sought in Alberta and Manitoba.

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Police say the suspects’ travel direction is unknown, and they may also have changed vehicles.

– awesome

He writes that additional health personnel have been called in to deal with the large number of wounded cp24.com.

Rhonda Blackmore of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported that the dead and injured were found at 13 different locations in James Cree Nation and Weldon.

Some victims are said to have been indiscriminate, while others were victims of targeted attacks.

Press conference: RCMP’s Rhonda Blackmore and Regina Police Chief Evan Bray during a press conference Sunday evening.

– What happened in our county today was horrific, she says, according to the report cp24.com.

Blackmore further says the wounded were taken to different hospitals, and there may be more who were injured in the mass stabbing incident.

The James Smith Cree Nation has declared a state of emergency through September 30, The New York Times writes.

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