Tennis, Money | I was shocked when I checked the bank account: – I feel afraid

Tennis, Money |  I was shocked when I checked the bank account: – I feel afraid

Russian Maria Timofeeveva is having a very bad experience after participating in the Madrid Open this week.

She did exit in the second round, but it was what happened off the tennis court that was most dramatic for Timofeeva.

While she was living in Madrid, someone used her bank card and spent large sums of money.

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– It happens every damn time

According to herself, the amount of 10,000 euros has been depleted. This corresponds to 118,000 Norwegian kroner. She has no idea how someone could use her card.

“I'm terrified because I don't know how this could happen, because I actually had my card with me most of the time, except for an incident when I left my room while the room was being cleaned by the cleaning staff at the hotel I was staying in,” she said in a video she posted on social media.

Timofeeva also says the money was used in the area near where she lives. Meanwhile, she's asking her Instagram followers for advice.

– The circumstances are crazy and I don't know how it could happen. So, please share something with me, she says.

The 20-year-old also says it's not the first time she's had money stolen while in Spain.

– Pay attention to the people in Spain and these situations, because this happens every time I come here and it gets out of control. So, yeah, thanks I guess, she finally said angrily.

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Must be reported

After publishing the video on Instagram, the Russian followed up with new details in his “Story.” There she tries to clarify several matters, before also revealing her intention to report the incident to the police.

Finally, she also thanked her followers for the great interaction with the first video she posted.

Timofeeva is ranked No. 99 in the WTA rankings. The Russian player won her first WTA title in Budapest last year.

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