Tesla Model

Tesla Model

flaw: This is what it looks like when the air suspension system breaks in a Tesla Model

Beat forward:

The Tesla owner receives compensation for the damaged air suspension system, even if the car is more than five years old.

The owner of a 2016 Tesla Model

The car was five years and three months old when the car’s front air suspension system failed in December 2021. This part is a known weak point in the 2016 and 2017 Tesla Model. Motor has written about this previously.

The special thing about this case is that the car was outside of the five-year new car warranty.

The reason for the car owner’s victory is the NAF statements.

The car had traveled 86,000 km when the air suspension broke, and repairs cost NOK 40,000.

NAF believes that the expected life is well over 86,000km, and that you should expect the air suspension to have a life of up to 150,000km.

Totally agree

The car was sold by the used car company K Bil Newco in Bærum for NOK 585,000. The purchase was made a little over a year before the damage occurred. By then, the car was over five years old, but there was still plenty of time left for the buyer’s rights to file a complaint against the used car dealer.

When the buyer, a man from Sørlandt, did not fulfill his demands with the merchant, he filed a complaint with the consumer authorities.

The Consumer Complaints Commission has now fully backed the car buyer. They believe it is documented that the vehicle has poor production, and that the repair costs should be paid by the used car company that sold the vehicle.

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– The Consumer Complaints Commission attached crucial importance to the expert opinion of the NAF, as stated in the decision.

did not accept

The decision issued by the Consumer Complaints Commission stated that the used car dealer mandates the NAF to inspect all the cars it sells. When this vehicle was inspected in connection with the sale, no faults were found with the air suspension system.

Therefore, the used car dealer says that he does not accept the decision, and files the case with the local court.

– NAF has been testing all the cars we sell for nine years. No defects were discovered in the air suspension system during testing of this car, says car owner Magnus Groseth, adding:

-The air suspension is also a wearable part. Manufacturer Tesla states the lifespan is five years or 100,000 kilometres. The error occurred only one year and three months after the sale. By then, the car was also five years old.

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