“The ball doesn’t know if you slept or ate well. It’s physics, it’s math.”

“The ball doesn’t know if you slept or ate well. It’s physics, it’s math.”

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Do you want to understand more about the development of Victor Hovland (25)? Listen to this new podcast from PING.

After winning the BMW Championship this past weekend, Viktor Hovland’s game has not only reached a new level. It is also popular in Norwegian.

Last week, Hovland gave interviews to the media from around the world to explain his success and development. And one of the most insightful and interesting we came across was this PING podcast, which was recorded the day after BMW’s championship victory.

About development and interests

In the 40-minute long interview with Shane and Marty on the PING show, the 25-year-old tells in detail how he worked over time to take new steps towards the top of the world, what goals he chose to focus on, what he did to increase the lengths with the driver, but Also what interests him outside of golf.

– I almost never watch golf or other sports on TV, and have probably read five books in my life. I wasn’t particularly good at it in school, but I’ve become more interested in physics and math in recent years. I’d like to read more and learn more, Hofland says.

The goal, of course, is to get better.

A golf ball doesn’t know if you slept or ate well. It’s only affected by the hit you take, it’s pure physics. And physics is mathematics. That’s why I like to hear more from people who are good at it and can listen to podcasts for six hours a day, he says.

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More music earlier

This was not necessarily the case before. During the pandemic, when Hovland drove (!) across the US from tournament to tournament, there weren’t any podcasts coming out of the speakers.

– Then I was more interested in music. I can “turn off” music for 15 hours straight. All kinds of strange. I don’t wish my worst enemy was in that car!

Hovland also talks about the first time he attended college in the USA, and what it was like to move from the safety of Norway and into a whole new life at Oklahoma State University.

There will also be time to chat about growing up in Norway – and how his star status has changed the experience back home in the old country.

– It’s too wild, Hovland admits, and tells the story from Larvik GK, about which Norsk Golf first wrote, and which in the following days spread all over the world.

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Victor Fever in Larvik: – The opportunity of a lifetime

Victor Hovland planned a quiet evening walk in Larvik with three of his friends. There will be a few hundred more.

what’s up?

– Two years ago I was going to play a round with some mates, and we have an online system in Norway where everyone has to register to play (Golfbox, editor’s note), so my friend drove us all the normal way the night before.

– And when we got to the course the next day, there were already several hundred people on the first tee. “what is going on?”

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Hovland ended the happy and relaxed podcast by talking about the Ryder Cup, who he would love to play with and what kind of chances Europe will have in the next meeting with the USA.

– I can listen to Viktor Hoveland talking about golf every day of the week, @sheakirsop4725 writes in the comments section, and many support him.

NB! You can also listen to the podcast as a pure audio file:

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