The best-in-class Macbook Pro gets a built-in ‘turbo button’

The best-in-class Macbook Pro gets a built-in 'turbo button'

You shouldn’t lack power in the latest Mac laptops. The advertised performance and price tag are both top notch, as it should be with hardware for power users.

The Pro series has been expanded in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes, as well as a choice between New M1 Pro system chips and M1 Max muscle version.

The latter is by far the most generous with better specs, up to twice the number of GPU cores and dual memory buses. In any case, both represent a batch of M1 . processor, which was successfully introduced by Apple last year.

The first-generation system chip after the break with the Intel processor is also equipped with 16 billion transistors. The M1 Max boasts 57 billion.

Max Turbo

Moderators have discovered references to the Extra High Performance mode in macOS 12 “Monterey” beta, which will launch during Monday, October 25.

Apple now confirms that this is some sort of turbo functionality, reserved for the brand new 16-inch M1 Max chip, according to reports. Macrumours.

“Your Mac will improve performance in order to better support resource-intensive tasks. This can cause high fan noise” mentioned in the related text.

What exactly the function does, how it improves performance and why a 14-inch run is not allowed with exactly the same system chip is uncertain.

But it is clear that a mode that, for example, can raise the clock speed to get rid of the most demanding tasks, gives links to the turbo button of the 90s on workstations with an Intel processor 286 and 386.

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In its most expensive configuration, a Macbook Pro with a 16-inch display, 64GB of RAM, 8TB of SSD storage and the M1 Max system chip will be able to lighten the wallet for about 75,000 kroner.

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