The key is available in version 2.0

The key is available in version 2.0

Simplicity, elegance, form and function.

how to start April Fools joke From 2021. Stack Overflow, a popular site used by website programmers to ask questions and get answers from their peers, has launched a product designed to copy other developers’ code.

The product is a three-key keyboard; One control key, one C key and one V key. All you need to cut and paste the code.

Every day, millions of creators and creators around the world push the community forward by copying and pasting code from Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow wrote in an April joke, but for far too long this process has stalled in the past.

The ‘key’ fictional product was to make code pasting ‘fast, painless, and fun’.

The exciting game has spread, and it turns out that there is a market for the nonsense product.

– Many have left comments and messages on social media, asking if they can’t buy the real key, Writes Stack Overflowwho shortly after the joke began producing prototypes.

In September 2021, the company was able to put the keyboard up for sale. Just six months later, The Key had sold over 10,000 copies. The product now comes in version 2.0.

Version 2.0

We listened when you asked us to move the key from idea to product. Now we’re listening again and releasing The Key 2.0, wrote Ben Buber, Stack Overflow’s Director of Content, in Blog about the news.

Stack Overflow believes the upgraded version brings the most-requested features with it, pointing to the clear acrylic lid with LEDs and integrated, easy-to-expand switches for a “truly tailored experience.”

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The keyboard costs 270 kr and comes in a limited edition.

40 million snippets of code copied in two weeks

The joke, of course, is based on the fact that a large part of problem solving for developers lies in browsing the web for useful code snippets.

according to ZDnet Nearly half (44 percent) of developers say they copy and paste up to 50 lines of code each week, a third report 50-100 lines of code per week, and 13 percent copy up to 500 lines From code a week.

As an extension of the joke, Stack Overflow created a system that detected when someone typed Control + C while visiting a website. Within two weeks The company has checked how often this command is used.

The result: one in four copies something on the page within the first five minutes of a visit. In total, the code snippets were copied more than 40 million times during Touker’s tenure.

The company believes that if you are among those collecting stats, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Why are we reinventing the wheel when others have already learned, created and tested? There is nothing wrong with reusing knowledge – it helps you learn and get working code faster and reduces frustration, Popper writes and continues:

This doesn’t mean that you should stop following best practices to prevent bugs and security issues from infiltrating your code.

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