The ousted sports director offered the organizer to step up the track himself – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

The ousted sports director offered the organizer to step up the track himself – NRK Sport – sports news, results and broadcast schedule

On the women’s and men’s side, there were Norwegian cheers in Lillehammer, but the show jumping course in Lillehammer didn’t go smoothly.

For a long time there were only a few pedals on the ground after the women’s race was delayed by more than half an hour due to heavy snow.

On the ground, someone wearing a national team jacket stood up and gradually walked out.

– I offered to introduce myself, says an annoyed Klas Priddy Brathen to NRK.

And when it was clear for the men’s qualification, the entire Norwegian coaching team and many other coaches from different countries had to go out to fix the overrun.

– There was a small bump that caused it to be uneven from the jump, which we had to fix. It was hard at first that there were so few who could step on the ground. It was a bit of a challenge, says Alexander Stockl, coach of the men’s national team.

Crucial: Clas Brede Bråthen believes the learning curve for the organizer has been flat.

Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB

lies flat

Bråthen did not like the fact that the organizers did not have the ground ready before the start of the competition before the women’s show jumping.

What is happening now is not good at all. There is no doubt that this is not good for the regulator. I wouldn’t put all the blame on the organiser, but we have to be ready, the sporting director said when the women’s race was postponed and added:

Once again there is room for criticism of Lillehammer as an organizer. He’s not lucky, because we need a World Cup race in Lillehammer.

– There may be an organizational issue here. This is a problem that can be easily solved. A lot of snow was expected, NRK commentator Ingrid Sørli-Glumnes said.

The local organizer in Lillehammer says that there was wetter snow than initially thought between the pedal of the machine and the start of the race. The blunder occurred when they ran the pedal machine up and down in the secondary race between qualifying and the race.

– It snowed more than we thought it would and it’s more resilient than we thought. The fact that we ran two runs with the pedal machine made the snow on top more pliable, so we simply had to skip it farther, Olympic Park Director Geir Olaf Andersen tells NRK.

– It was a fatal miscalculation. We got out so late with the pedals, we should have come in earlier.

Chika Yoshida, Race Director of the Women's Jump, and Sports Director of Ståle Villumstad

SNØFØYKE: Chika Yoshida, race director for the women’s hops, and sports director Ståle Villumstad were anxious before the start.

Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB

Does the support device have someone out and about?

– It may be.

Later, NRK confirmed that the jumpers’ event director, Ståle Villumstad, was off the pedals to prepare the ground.

– Some pedals sat down and weren’t ready, because we thought they’d last with a machine. It was definitely not good enough, says Andersen, and it was a gross miscalculation.

Bråthen believes this joins a string of bad decisions by the regulator in Lillehammer. However, the director of the Olympic Park is not worried that this will affect future events.

– We can start off by being very modest today, but then I think we’ve had reports from the organizers that we have a very good relationship here. So it’s probably a combination, but unfortunately I didn’t push myself too hard today.

Still Velomstad

Nine riders: three times less than planned by the organizer, climbed the secondary race before the start.

Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB

Granerud took command of Raw Air

There was a great effort for the Norwegian team in the men’s heat with four Norwegians finishing in the top five.

Johann Andre Furfang looked like he was going to take victory after a cannonball jump from 141.5 metres, but teammate Granrud snatched the victory after dropping 142 metres.

At the same time, he took over the Raw Air lead from Stefan Kraft by two points to the Austrian.

– I knew I could win the Qualifiers, but I never imagined I’d take the lead on Raw Air in one jump. But it’s fun with positive surprises, Granerud smiles to NRK.

He’s a slightly different person to Granerud being interviewed today than he was yesterday where he said he had a really bad time.

– It was very good. What was good today is that the body feels much better. I’ve been running to warm up – pretty cool after that. I had to cough a little bit, says the qualifying winner, who is glad the general condition is better.

– I was far away

The trampling of trouble and the messy snow didn’t stop Opseth’s tears of joy. There were many other kinds of tears during the harsh winter with setback after setback.

– I’m a little shocked, but very happy !, – a tearful Selje Opseth tells NRK after the long-awaited victory.

The bird previously told NRK about his usual nightmare on the slopes and mental blockade on the hill.

On Monday, he was on the court for the 23-year-old who jumped the longest ever, both in the qualifiers and when it mattered most in the final run.

“I was so far away and now I feel like I’m on my way again,” says an animated winner.

Now getting compliments from the trainer:

– It’s great, she knows she can, but it’s so nice that she can do it at home, national team coach Christian Meyer told NRK.

– It was a good recovery after a difficult water course, says NRK expert commentator Anders Bardal.

Ro Air 2023

Finally: Can Celje Obseth celebrate his first World Cup win since Wisla in November 2022.

Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB

Despite the WC setback, Obseth hoped she would overcome her intellectual disability.

– You know, I was down for a while. I really doubted this would happen again. At least this season, she tells NRK and explains:

– Working constructively with tasks over time seems to pay off, and I get paid for the day in terms of results.

During the World Championships in Planica, Obseth admits she looked a little grim, and now she’s relieved that all the work she’s put in has paid off.

– When I got home, I put the toilet behind me, reset it and thought we were now just looking ahead. I have already managed to do that. Then I worked technically with the things I struggled with. Slowly but surely, I began to recognize myself on my jump and began to regain the feeling of jumping on skis, the way I jump when I jump well, says Open Obseth.

– Scary on Earth

When the race first started, Irene Marie Kvandal jumped 124m and clearly led the competition after the first run. She struggled with injury, and stood over the pitfalls in Holmenkollen to prepare for Lillehammer.

– The jump works very well, I grab my hips and push right!

That made her think about whether or not she should jump in the last round because of the snowy weather.

Irene Maria Cavandall

At the Tate: Irene Marie Kvandal hit after being knocked out for the restroom at Planica.

Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB

But she did:

– I had a long conversation with the coaches and concluded I should try again – and I’m so glad I did, says Kvandal, who slowed down thinking about safety.

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