The president’s dog

The president’s dog

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” says the old saying.

It seems no “Never bite the hand of the President of Austria during a state visit to Moldova,” as the dog Coudrot did on Thursday this week, according to the news agency. Reuters.

The incident occurred when the Austrian president, in good faith, tried to pet his Moldovan colleague’s dog during a walk in the courtyard in front of the presidential palace in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau.

Sandu is said to have immediately apologized to Van der Bellen, explaining that the transport dog had been frightened by the large number of people present.

For his part, the Austrian president adhered to the country’s constitutional neutrality, and tolerated the unprovoked attack without barking or growling.

Shortly afterwards, he was said to have been observed with his right hand covered in bandages. Likewise, he left on Friday with a conciliatory message Instagram-Introductory account.

He said in a video post: “Everyone who knows me knows that I love dogs,” and expressed his understanding of the first dog’s eagerness and nervousness during the hectic events.

The ceremony was also attended by Slovenian President Natasa Burke Musar. Musar and Van der Bellen were in Moldova to discuss the country’s membership negotiations with the European Union.

Moldova and Ukraine applied for EU membership after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Both countries were granted candidate status in June, according to the Independent. POLITICO.

Before leaving Moldova, Van der Bellen allegedly gave Coudrut a “little toy,” according to Reuters.

Taurus who just needs love

Three legs

Codrut became a fixture in the office of the President of Moldova footnote In early 2023, when Sandhu adopted him after losing his leg in a car accident, according to The Sun. POLITICO.

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Coudrot was part of the president’s team for about seven months, after he was found in the street, hit by a car. Unfortunately, we were unable to save his paw, but after a few months of treatment, he is now happily running on three legs, the president wrote in a post on his own page. InstagramProfile at the end of September.

Dagbladet has not been able to independently verify that Codrut is usually a good boy, but she sees no reason to doubt it.

American colleague

Codrut isn’t the only First Dog to end up in the critical media spotlight after sinking his teeth into a public servant.

At the beginning of October, it became clear that Commander, US President Joe Biden’s business manager, had been removed from the White House.

At the time, the two-year-old had been involved in a number of biting incidents, most recently at the end of September.

The President and First Lady care deeply about the safety of White House staff and those they protect every day. Jill Biden’s spokeswoman, Elizabeth Alexander, said they are grateful for the patience of the Secret Service and everyone involved, and are continuing to work on possible solutions. Reuters.

It is not clear whether the leader was transferred to another dwelling or to the eternal hunting grounds.

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