The refrigerator is noisy – this is why the refrigerator is noisy

The refrigerator is noisy - this is why the refrigerator is noisy

Some noise from a refrigerator is completely normal, but there are still a few things you should be aware of if your refrigerator is making noise.

Helen Friedheim, assistant sales manager for white goods at Elkjøp Norge, tells DinSide that refrigerators generally make more noise today than they did in the past.

– The reason for this is that they have moved away from the refrigerants used in old refrigerators, and the refrigerant used in modern refrigerators operates under higher pressure, she said.

That’s why it continues

The refrigerator works all day, and therefore it is a normal part of the operation of the appliance as it must go through several cycles.

– The fact that sometimes it goes on, for example, the compressor being turned on to pump refrigerant through the system to provide refrigeration, explains Nordic Public Relations Manager, Monica Erin Fasting in Power.

– Noise also occurs from the refrigerant, or in the cooling process when the refrigerant alternates between liquid and gaseous form, fasting adds.

Be careful of this

Small explosions, rattles, gurgling, bubbling and buzzing sounds are typical of any refrigerator.

What you should pay attention to, however, is whether the sounds change, and other problems arise at the same time, as Friedheim explains in Elkjøp Norge.

Leftover rice: If you store improperly cooked rice, it may be unsafe to eat leftovers. Video: Embla Hjört Larsen.

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do this

If your refrigerator is making noises that you aren’t used to hearing or feels warmer outside, it’s a good idea to check if it needs servicing.

– You can correct some sounds by moving objects in the refrigerator that collide with each other when the refrigerator shakes, explains fasting and continues:

Move it slightly away from the wall or kitchen counter and make sure the refrigerator is level.

Leftovers can make noise

Leftovers can also be a reason for your refrigerator to make noise.

Dust and food debris can also clog the condenser fan and compressor, so regular maintenance is important, Friedheim advises.

Friedheim also explains that it is important to ensure that the door is properly sealed and closed, to avoid stressing the compressor to maintain an even temperature.

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