The robot “reads” to you: – – leads to fear

The robot "reads" to you: - - leads to fear

The late Professor Stephen Hawking issued a warning to humanity in 2014 through the British newspaper BBC:

Fully developing artificial intelligence could mean the end of humanity.

The warning came in response to a question about whether he would not update the technology he used to communicate, which consists of a simple form of artificial intelligence.

Two years later, the robots Sophia made headlines around the world, when in an interview she managed to say that she wanted to “destroy people”, according to from the inside.

Hawkins died in 2018, while research on artificial intelligence continued to accelerate.

At a California department store, the latest addition to development, in the form of a Carter robot, is now being introduced, according to the news site. wired.

Understand your body language

In many ways, Carter reminds us of the robotic vacuum cleaner, which is gradually becoming widespread in many homes. Instead of collecting dust, it was equipped as a self-propelled “cart” for moving boxes.

The robot must be equipped with sensors that give it a form of “sense” when it comes into contact with a human. Using cameras, he monitors his surroundings and interprets what the people around him are doing.

Artificial intelligence: China’s Xinhua News Agency has hired two new reporters for its staff: two robots who will recite the news to the Chinese people. Video: Xinhua News Agency. Editing: Organ Ryland
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Rodney Brooks claims that a robot should be able to read your body language and understand what you’re saying. Technology website writes Tech time.

Although Carter is a robot, he is not designed to outsmart other employees, according to Brooks.

It should not replace people

He believes the most important thing about this discovery is the robot’s ability to interpret human signals.

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We have no plans to replace robots with humans. Brooks news site says the goal of this project is that we’ll get robots to work for employees rather than replacing them. wired.

He has previously taken a hard line against skeptics who fear robots will replace the need for human staff.

– The allegations are absurd, writes in a column in technology review He adds:

Failed expectations about the future lead to fear of something that will never happen, whether it is about downsizing or that AI has values ​​that are different from the rest of society.

Want more people to use it

According to the technology website technology times Experts believe that technological discoveries like these can increase productivity among employees.

humanoid robot: Elon Musk launches a humanoid robot during Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence Day, Friday, August 20, 2021. Video: Tesla/Reporter: Vegard Krüger
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However, Professor Matt Bean at the University of California believes that it can be difficult to measure exactly how much profit robots make over productivity, according to Wired magazine.

reported June 22 record Amazon is among the big companies that have focused on artificial intelligence in the workplace.

In the past, they developed models that were criticized before wired In order not to be able to cope with any of the most important tasks.

In the long run, the company wants Brooks to have more than Amazon using this technology.

Brooks argues that this way of working can make human tasks less repetitive.

– We’re not trying to replace people. “We want our bots to work, rather than us working with bots,” he tells Wired.

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