The smelly planes had to turn around: – Memory of vomiting

The smelly planes had to turn around: – Memory of vomiting

What is the smell like on a Norwegian flight to Alta? No, the birds should know that.



– It was simply the remains of a bird injury that occurred yesterday. Then the routine is to then inspect the engine and wash it to clean it. Something left behind after this process created the smell, Norwegian communications director Espen Toman told VG.

Whether it’s specifically bird droppings, smelly cleaner, or both, the communications director can’t answer.

Communications Director: Espen Toman

But still hold your nose: According to passenger Therese Munkvold, 36, there was not a pleasant smell filling the nostrils and the cabin on the Norwegian flight bound for Alta this morning.

-If I feel it, I can smell it. It was a little reminiscent of gas or vomiting. But I’m no expert, so this is just my guess.

She was on a weekend trip to Moss to visit her son who goes to school there – and was therefore a little late on her journey home.

-We were supposed to land in Alta at 11.15. It now looks like we might be able to take the new plane into the air at 11.30. I think they were good at arranging an alternative.

But if nothing else, it was another good piece of advice Kronstadposten – Where Monkvold works as a web director and journalist.

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The local newspaper was the first to mention the foul-smelling plane.

Bad smell: Due to the smell, the flight to Alta was cancelled.  All passengers have now been sent on a new aircraft.

Concerned about discomfort among passengers and staff, they chose to turn back and change planes, says Norwegian Air’s communications director Espen Toman.

– The smell causes discomfort, nothing else. “We’re running the original plane and digging deeper into the engine now to get to the bottom of it,” he says.


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