The use of artificial intelligence in censoring 50 exam papers

The use of artificial intelligence in censoring 50 exam papers
Carl Philipp Lund is a lecturer at University College Christiania and a partner at Enevo. In the spring, use artificial intelligence to debug 50 tasks.

According to Carl Philipp Lund, a lecturer at Christiania University College, it took about 15 minutes to censor each task with the help of AI.


VG wrote last week about a student who wrote his thesis on artificial intelligence. Karl Philip Lund used technology on the other end.

– In the 2000s, people laughed on the Internet, and in 2012 they laughed at Wikipedia. Now the same arguments are being used to mock artificial intelligence, says assistant professor at University College Christiania Karl Philipp Lund.

According to him, educational institutions throughout history have been sandboxes for exploring new things in a structured environment. He believes that this curiosity should also be devoted to artificial intelligence.

– You just have to use artificial intelligence. Privacy must be taken into account of course, and fact-checking is important. Lund says playing with technology continues to be a great opportunity for educational institutions.

Lund is aware of a potential monopoly situation in the AI ​​sector, and notes that tools like Chat GPT have become very popular in the past year. To ease the workload, it thus chose a smaller AI specialized in reading PDF documents.

The lecturer has already succeeded in that. In the spring of 2023, use artificial intelligence to censor 50 major missions. So somewhere between 1,500 and 3,000 pages of assignment answers.

– I estimate that manual oversight of a task takes between half an hour and an hour. With the help of AI, it takes about 15 minutes for each answer, he says.

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University Lecturer at Høyskolen Kristiania and Partner at Carl Philipp Lund

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) simulations, among other things, complete and credible interviews with non-existent people.

– It may sound controversial

Lund realizes that censorship can be seen as controversial, but makes it clear that in any case there is no room for further learning after the assignment has been submitted.

My job as an examiner is to provide feedback and evaluation. So it is beneficial to reduce the time and workload in this process.

– The fact that it takes fifteen minutes to correct something that took a student weeks and months to produce can itself seem controversial, he says.

Recommend its use

The rector at Høyskolen Kristiania, Morten Irgens, says he is optimistic about the use of AI for oversight, if used properly. He has been doing research on artificial intelligence for 35 years, and is among the initiators NuraNuraNorwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium – A Norwegian collaboration of eleven universities and five research institutes with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics as specialist areas. And ClaireClaireEuropean collaboration looking at the impact of artificial intelligence on society..

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– My plea is for everyone to join and use artificial intelligence, while at the same time we must be aware of its limitations and challenges, he says.

Rector at Kristiania College, Morten Ergens.

He points out that the development of artificial intelligence provides a new opportunity to provide personalized education to pupils and students.

– which, of course, must be supplemented by human learning, says Ergens.

He says that educational institutions have not yet established guidelines for the use of AI in contexts such as censorship. Despite this, Ergens is optimistic that Lund has used AI to censor students’ answers.

– I recommend using it if done correctly, but it can have serious consequences if you use the technology incorrectly.

– The accelerator and brake pedals must be depressed at the same time. He says the world does not stand still.

– left to the institutions

Higher Education and Skills Director of Communications Christine Solheim wrote in an email to VG:

It is largely left to institutions to decide which tools students can use for the test. It is also institutions that decide what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to teachers.


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