The world’s first lawyer robot is going to trial

The world’s first lawyer robot is going to trial
In court: AI will now be used in court.

For the first time, a robot lawyer with artificial intelligence (AI) will defend a case in court.


In February, the court hearing against the person who drives too fast begins.

to me IFLScience And New Scientist, the world’s first lawyer robot, will tell the accused what to say in his defense. Messages must be sent over the phone and headphones. The case is described as a test case for the company that developed the DoNotPay attorney bot.

If the defendant says everything the bot tells them to say, and the person still has to lose the case, the company will pay the fines imposed.

DoNotPay actually started in 2015 as a chatbot to help people avoid fees and fines. On the website they advertise that the world’s first lawyer bot can help you fight big corporations, fight bureaucracy or sue someone – just with the push of a button.

to me new world The company claims that the AI ​​chatbot has helped people in 3 million cases in the UK and US. But this is the first time that AI has turned into a robot lawyer in the courtroom. The trial will take place in the United States, but exactly where it is being kept secret for two reasons:

One to protect the accused who must defend himself. The other is because in both the USA and many other countries, telephone and internet use is prohibited inside the courtroom, he writes gizmondo.

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When asked by Gizmondo of DoNotPay President Joshua Bauder if the justices and other court attendees knew a lawyer bot was being tested, he replied

– of course not.

Powder also released a Twitter demo last week:

Promised to pay a million dollars (about ten million kroner), the lawyer will file a case with earplugs in the US Supreme Court, repeating only what the robot lawyer says.


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