This is how the storm is now hitting Westfold and Telemark – NRK Westfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

This is how the storm is now hitting Westfold and Telemark – NRK Westfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

Monday's predicted storm has affected the counties in different ways. At some places, there are challenging driving conditions with ice and water on the road.

Elsewhere it is completely empty.

Many schools are closed, and Dolef Stensrud, now head of municipal education in Borskran, admits that the county council may have been a little too strict.

– We took that decision in the middle because we didn't know how many

Tollef Stensrud, head of education at Porsgrunn, cycled to work on Monday morning and found that conditions were much better than feared.

Photo: Tollef Stensrud

He says he can go to work on Monday morning.

Wrong decision

The district council canceled all school transport by bus and taxi on Sunday. This is the basis on which the municipality itself decides when it decides that schools should also be closed.

– Today, in the name of hindsight, it can be said that it was the wrong decision, says Stensrud.

He takes the opportunity to brag about his preparedness.

The preparations were good and it looks like the heroes on the road have done an amazing job. We're out earlier than necessary, but with Wednesday fresh in our minds, this is an overall assessment.

He emphasizes that the past week's experiences are included in the overall assessment.

– Disappointment

At the Heroya in Porskran, we meet Christine Lucas Jensen at the petrol pump. School closures presented some challenges for families this morning.

– It was frustrating. Both should be on day duty today. But I understand that they are worried, at least for the little ones. Fortunately, Jensen says they're better prepared now than they were Wednesday, sprinkled with Hovenka.

– Are they exaggerating when they close schools so early?

– They probably waited until today to close, but you have to prepare the managers. But the health sector has to work, so we struggled a bit today. Both had to go to work. Trust managers take that into account when the municipality makes the choice they make.

Christine Lucas Jensen

Kristin Løkaas Jensen says that so far she has enjoyed the black asphalt and fair driving conditions.

Photo: Stian Wåsjø Simonsen / NRK

Morning trip for fire service

It has been a wet Monday morning so far for the fire service.

– Water damage is so bad that some places don't have fire extinguishers.

This is what the supervisor of Sør-East 110, Jan Rundtom, tells NRK.

– There is a lot of water in the buildings, which should not be. Many people may wake up with water damage at home today.

Rundtom encourages people to check for snow and ice.

– If the gutters are full of snow and ice, the water will push into the house. Try to ensure that the water drains away from the house.

E18 at Grellland on the Homestrand

High water on the E18 near Greland on the Homestrand.

Clear and excellent roads in Porsgrunn

Dry and beautiful roads at Heroia in Porskrun.

Snow covered streets

Like here in Dansberg many small roads are full of mud and snow.

Bad driving on a Monday morning

Driving is difficult in some places. Here from Dansberg.

Ring Road and Tembokriset in Sandefjord

Ringveien in Sandefjord has no snow or ice.

Ring Road and Tembokriset in Sandefjord

This is what it looks like on Ringveien in Sandefjord on Monday morning.

Small roads covered with snow

Driving conditions vary widely, from icy little roads to completely bare in some places.

– It's been a quiet morning so far, but it's no joke that there's a lot of water on the road, says Otter Steinstow, Operations Manager of the Southeast Police District.

Despite the quiet morning, police were on hand throughout the day to pick up items.

– We can't conclude anything yet, but we encourage people to drive according to the conditions, says Steinsto.

Snow covered streets

This is what Bokeveien in Tønsberg looks like now. The fire service has already been here to evacuate water from a house.

Photo: Philipp Hofgaard / NRK

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