Tipping Norwegian with Technical Problems: – Understands the frustration

Tipping Norwegian with Technical Problems: – Understands the frustration
Nice error: Several people received this error message on Saturday.

The odds at Norsk Tipping have partially decreased while operators try to work out the issues.


On Saturday evening, letters pour in to Norsk Tipping from customers who are not taking bets that are delivered at Oddsen.

This is what Roar Jødahl, a communications consultant at Norsk Tipping, told VG.

Goodall says: – We have performance issues with our probabilities solution linked to two subcontractors, and we are trying to resolve them.

There were technical issues with Oddsen last weekend as well. Jødahl says they had a team work it out for the week.

– Obviously, we could not fully solve the problem.

While trying to solve the problem, they stopped the service completely. Then there is no possibility to submit games. But Jødahl assures that if you can deliver the bets, you’ll get the prize paid.

– I understand all the potential frustration. We and customers of course regret this here.

– This is about trading here. It’s impossible to quantify, but the worst part is that customers have bad experiences.

Norsk Tipping will continue to work on the problem until tomorrow, but cannot guarantee that the problem will be resolved on Sunday.


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