November 28, 2022


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Tonje Frigstad and Lasse Matberg will host a new celebrity reality show - "Good Luck Guys" - VG

Tonje Frigstad and Lasse Matberg will host a new celebrity reality show – “Good Luck Guys” – VG

Partners: Lasse Matberg and Tonje Frigstad will be broadcasters together.

Tonje Frigstad (22) and Lasse Matberg (37) presenters for “Good Luck Guys”, which will challenge Norwegian celebrities in Thailand.


Amazon Prime Video has announced several new Norwegian productions, among them the “Good Luck Guys” reality series.

The press release for the concept, which is originally French, said the series follows “six influential couples who embark on an adventure in rural Thailand, searching for happiness and wealth, driven by a burning desire to discover their inner hero.”

Participants include designer Erlind Elias, reality personality Bettina Buchanan, pop artist Riley, influencer Jenny Hughes, social media personality Katherine Bran, model Nora Emily Naken, and artist Benjamin Strand.

Tonje hopes for more

Presenters Tonje Frigstad and Lasse Matberg, both well-known “Farmen” and “Farmen celebrity” hosts, will lead the gang – and test it in physical and mental strength. And it is, of course, a competition, in which in the end there are only two winning pairs left.

“I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to co-host this great concept with Lasse,” Frigstad writes in a text message to VG.

The series has already been recorded.

– We had a lot of fun as we followed the participants through their pathology journey. It has also been incredibly educational considering that a career in program management is something I can imagine continuing. You just have to be happy, because this will be real showpromises 22 years.

Frigstad was recently seen in “Forræder” on TV 2, and Matberg in “Skal vi danse: all stars” on the same channel.

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Their new show will premiere on January 20th.

(Read about several new celebrity projects under the photo)

ALL: These “Good Luck Guys” celebrities (formerly) Magnus Olafsen Waler, Cathrin Pran, Tim Kristian Holter Moen, Jenny Huse, Cecilie Andrea Varela, Benjamin Strand, Lasse Matberg, Tonje Frigstad, Johannes Magnussen, Raylee and Charlotte Kristiansen, Erlind Elias, Nicholas Luken, Nora Emily Nakin.

Martin Backlund, who holds the title of Head of Content for UK and Nordic Prime Video, says in the announcement that the streaming service, with a growing number of Norwegian originals and the entire Nordisk film library, demonstrates its “longstanding commitment to Norway and the North”.

We strive to provide Prime Video customers with a wide range of content across global Amazon Original series and movies, the latest movie releases, and now, locally produced and earned content, which demonstrates our investment in Norway, he says.

TV Ready: Kristen Gelsvik.

Many celebrities get their own shows and presenter assignments. Among others, influencers and newly single Kristen Gelsvik (36 years old) is leading a new dating series called “Heit”.

Former “Senkveld” presenter Stian Blipp (32 years old) appears on air with a hidden camera – in a series called “Spice of Life with Stian Blipp”. There will also be a number of celebrities when ordinary people on the street are ‘cheated’.

TV Ready: Stian Bleib.

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