Torvbyen, Fredrikstad Center | Emily, 24, thinks mini skirts will be the best seller this summer

Torvbyen, Fredrikstad Center |  Emily, 24, thinks mini skirts will be the best seller this summer
  • This article was written by Mathia Mulund (15) who attended Gresvik High School. It was published this week in Fredrikstad Bled.

Since last summer, Kid Interiør’s crepe mattress has been popular on TikTok. And there are still many who want it.

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– Since the trend took off with the help of TikTok, there has been a huge demand for this, says Hilda Elise Eversby (52).

She works in Torvbyen at the Kid’s Store and thinks this will be the bestseller of the summer.

Fixing spray

Young people in particular are interested in what is trending on TikTok. We all want the latest and the best.

FB Envoys also made the trip to the Kicks store in central Fredrikstad. We spoke here with Randy Kristen Johansen (52).

What product do you think will be the best seller this summer?

– I think it’s Urban Decay spray, you say.

He adds:

– It’s trending on TikTok and it’s said to be the best “never”.

Inflatable water games

Passing by Neil, there were also many summer news.

Ann Helen Randen, 46, firmly believes that beach towels and inflatable water toys will become popular.


FB also visited Normal in central Fredrikstad. There we spoke with Fatima Zahra Sirte (19).

She thinks the candy will be the best seller in the store this summer.

– That’s because candy is already a bestseller here at Normal, and more are being bought as the weather gets warmer.

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She also adds:

– Sour babies are probably the most popular dessert.

Monster may also have been one of the popular drinks in Normal. They are also bought more when summer days are hot.

smock skirt

The last store we visited in FB was Gina Trico.

They have summer clothes there. Link Skins is very popular now.

– It’s trendy because it’s so pretty to wear, and there’s a huge selection in our store, says Emily Johnson (24).

They also sell a lot of tunic skirts (skirts with elastic at the waist) in the clothing store in the center of Fredrikstad.

And Emily firmly believes that these skirts will be the best sellers this summer.

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