Tourism, Business | – There is room for more stoves in Harstad

Tourism, Business |  – There is room for more stoves in Harstad

It is still unclear what will happen to the tourism joint venture in Harstad. While the municipality is ready with money, it will only become available once tourism is ready with a plan and its own funding.

– It is the challenge that lies in Harstad, says the head of the airport committee, Mayor of Evenes Terje Bartholsen (AFP).

He says it's important for Harstad to get on board with what he believes is a necessary investment. Bartholsen boasts the cities of Narvik and Lofoten, which together have several direct routes to Evenes.

He says it's important for everyone to participate.

-For people who come as travelers, we are one big area. It's not just Narvik or Harstad.

Recommends cooperation in Narvik

While Visit Harstad has been closed, work is being done hard in Narvik on several fronts, says Bartholsen. Vesterålen is also involved.

Mayor Kari-Anne Opsahl has previously expressed her desire for closer cooperation with Narvik. If they don't want to join, the alternative is to look to Tromsø.

– I think it is more correct to go to the neighboring municipality instead of Tromsø. Greater cooperation at a regional level can certainly have some advantages, but you have to start by leveraging from home.

Ready for sale

In addition to bragging about Narvik, Bartholsen says Lofoten has a hard time promoting itself.

– They have led the work to get more flights to Evenes, and here we can count on each other.

As mayor of Evenes and chair of the airport committee, Barthollsen believes it makes sense for Evenes to be a tourism hub for the region. Not primarily to bring more tourists to their municipality.

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-We don't have much tourism today. It will come naturally if we get more speed on the big engine that is tourism. This will help municipalities such as Evenes, Ludingen and Tjeldsund.

Bartholsen believes that the potential in our region is greater than in Tromsø.

The key word is cooperation in the field of tourism or integration to work with the region as one unit. It is natural to start with Harstad and Narvik.

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