Ukraine, Verbov | Ukrainian forces are advancing near Verbov: – The Russians consider this very important

Ukraine, Verbov |  Ukrainian forces are advancing near Verbov: – The Russians consider this very important

Recent days have witnessed intense fighting in a small area of ​​25 square kilometers between the village of Mala Tokmashka in the north and Robotyn in the south. This is on the way to the city of Melitopol, where the goal of the Ukrainian forces is to liberate Melitopol from Russian occupation, so that they can strangle the Russian land bridge to the Karim Peninsula, According to many experts.

The latest reports from both Russian military experts and bloggers indicate that Ukrainian soldiers have now advanced near the village of Verbov in southern Ukraine.

– Battles and skirmishes took place in the suburbs. It is uncertain whether this means a breakthrough, but things indicate that Ukrainian forces have bypassed the siege and are pressing against Verbov, the lieutenant colonel and school director of the military school’s land force department, Pale Yedstepo, tells Netavysin.

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The soldiers have been redeployed

Recently, Ukrainian forces recaptured the village of Robotyn, about 20 kilometers from Verbov.

– And this is important for advancement, because the Ukrainian forces are getting fixed points at Ropotyn. Yedstepo says they can use the city’s infrastructure to widen the gap in the Russian defense and bring in more of their forces.

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– How important is this for the further advancement of the Ukrainian forces, Yedstepo?

– Ukraine has placed two good brigades there, both of which are linked to the air defense forces. The only brigade heading towards Verbove would be newly fitted with western materials. These are the strengths of quality. This means that the soldiers are well-trained, experienced, and well-equipped, the lieutenant colonel asserts.

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– How do the Russians respond to this coming pressure now?

– They have strengthened the front in the region with their elite forces. They withdrew experienced soldiers from the Kherson region, and they would not have done so if they had not considered the situation critical. What is happening now is an indication that the Russians consider this very important, Edstepo replies.

Geotagged images

American Think Tank Institute for the study of war She wrote in her daily Ukraine report that geotagged images show Ukrainian forces near Russian defense points in Verbov.

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Pictures must be taken on Wednesday. It is likely that they will appear as scouts, i.e. scouts. On Thursday morning, Russian sources reported the Ukrainian advance here.

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