– Unable to say the word Tesla – E24

- Unable to say the word Tesla - E24

President Joe Biden has praised Ford and General Motors’ production of electric cars, but Tesla is being neglected. This makes Elon Musk react.

Tesla was not mentioned when President Joe Biden introduced his electric car goals.

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“For unknown reasons, the president can’t pronounce the word Tesla,” Elon Musk writes Twitter Sunday night.

This is one of several important messages the Tesla boss wrote about President Joe Biden last week.

It all started last fall, when the president introduced his “Building Back Better” infrastructure package.

Part of this package is for renewable transportation, and one goal is that half of all new car sales in the US will be electric cars by 2030.

The goal was presented at a presentation at the White House last year. Three major auto manufacturers were present: Stylantis, GM, Ford Motor, and owner Chrysler CNBC. The three car manufacturers were also mentioned in the White House’ special statement about the package.

But Tesla did not mention.

It starts with the letter T.

This week, Biden posted a video on Twitter in which he appears with the CEO of General Motors. The topic was the future of electric vehicle production in the United States — and General Motors’ operations in Michigan.

– I meant when I said that the future would be created here in the United States. Biden writes in the report that companies like General Motors and Ford are building more electric cars here at home than ever before.

Musk responded by spelling out his company’s name:

– Begins with the letter T, ends with the letter A, in the middle is ESL, the Tesla boss writes.

The Tesla boss followed up with the following message:

Biden wet sock puppet in human form.


When the White House was asked last fall why Tesla was not listed, press secretary Jen Psaki responded that GM, Ford and Stellantis are “the three largest employers in the Auto Workers,” according to the New York Post.

according to Reuters She also added:

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

Many interpreted this as an indication that Tesla was not allowed to join because the employees were not part of the union.

Elon Musk spoke about the issue during a panel discussion at a conference in Beverly Hills in September:

They didn’t mention Tesla once and praised General Motors and Ford for leading the electric car revolution. Does this sound a little biased? Musk said, according to Reuters.

– He added that the administration is not the most friendly, it seems to be controlled by the unions.

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