Vestvågøy, Eggum | Now you can enjoy a rare concert: – It will be very beautiful with the midnight sun

Vestvågøy, Eggum |  Now you can enjoy a rare concert: – It will be very beautiful with the midnight sun

– We have received many good suggestions, and now we have decided that this year’s intimate concert will be in Eggum. We hope that as many people as possible will want to take part in this experience. LINK event director Christian Winther Farstad says it will be something completely unique with the midnight sun as a view.

Hanne Lykkja suggested Eggum a venue for the concert, and on Tuesday at 11:30 pm the concert will take place at the “Borga” in Eggum.

When Lofotposten called the winner of the concert show slot, there was a happy Lykkja on the other end of the phone.

– Oh my God, so much fun! It’s very cool. It’s very stupid that I didn’t get this party to myself because I’m having a festival in Valdres now, but I hope as many people as possible take the trip, says Lykkja.

A different concert experience

Lykkja believes that both the audience and the artists will have an experience that is out of the ordinary.

– I’ve been to intimate concerts before, and this is something very special. It’s going to be very low, and it’s going to be a very nice and special experience for both the audience and the artists, you think.

There are several reasons why Eggum was suggested as a concert venue.

– Eggum is a very beautiful place, and I’ve lived in it for part of the last ten years. The Village Association has done a lot of good things, among other things we have renovated the Village Association house.

LINK Events Manager Christian Winther Farstad is looking forward to the concert, which will take place in a slightly out of the ordinary arena.

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– If the weather cooperates, as it seems so far, that would be totally awesome. I hope those who have the opportunity will make the trip, and I appeal to the public to bring good seats and clothes. There will also be a concert in Borge Chapel beforehand, so the crowd here can enjoy the Midnight Sun Concert as well.

– We’ve decided to bring home a Steinway grand piano, and there might be a few more surprises. He concludes that the audience can expect a good half-hour concert with a nice view.

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