Vidar Magnussen, The Game | Vidar Magnussen was flooded with messages: – I have never received this much feedback

Vidar Magnussen, The Game |  Vidar Magnussen was flooded with messages: – I have never received this much feedback

“The Game” on TV 2 has been on “everyone's” lips in recent weeks, especially the recent episodes that have made many headlines.

In the program, disagreements, lies, and talk of alliances emerged between the participants, and viewers allowed themselves to become involved in everything that happened on television.

Participants have already experienced this, and actor Vidar Magnussen (46) can tell Netavsen that he has never experienced a similar response before.

Participating viewers

Magnussen has been low to the ground for a long time when it comes to both bickering and alliance talk on the TV 2 show, but he suddenly took on the role of “evil” when he fired the season's big hit, 30-year-old Danpee Choi. two weeks ago.

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As for Nettavisen, the actor, known, among other things, for the program “Side om Side” on NRK, can say that the messages arrived after the shocking elections.

– I probably never received as much feedback as now. “Side om Side” is something that appeals to a lot of people, but “The Game” has really gone beyond that, Magnussen tells Nettavisen.

Magnussen says he receives messages daily, often with advice on what he should do next in “the game.”

– It's a pity that it's already been recorded, because I get a lot of good advice and cheers, laughs.

– I will never see Side by Side again

However, the actor can reveal that although mostly positive reactions have been flooding his inbox, he has also experienced backlash.

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When asked about the type of joke, the actor said that there was a lot of backlash in particular after he voted for Danpee Choi.

-I got a message from someone saying they should never see “Side om Side” again because I voted for Danby. I lost a viewer of “Side om Side,” he said, rolling his eyes.

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