Wait to buy the RTX 40

Wait to buy the RTX 40

CES 2024 starts on Tuesday, January 9 and runs through Friday, January 12, and it could be an extra good show next year.

The 4080 and 4070 are expected in the ultra variants

As usual, there will be a huge number of product launches, although the biggest ones are not always included. That changes this year, at least as far as Nvidia is concerned, which according to recent rumors will announce new GPUs. Video card leaker “kopite7kimi” on

Videocardz also expects the largest PC manufacturers to be present at the Giga Expo in Las Vegas early next year as they finally put the coronavirus to rest. In addition, the industry needs a boost after difficult years.

As far as Nvidia specifically is concerned, there are two or three Super 40 cards out there, including the RTX 4080 Super that we’ve already mentioned – it might be worth not buying an RTX 4080, because you might want to be able to buy RTX 4080 (with AD103 and 10240 CUDA cores) and better performance for the same price (from about 15,000 NOK):

“The faster card will probably cost about the same as the RTX 4080, which in this case means the price of the 4080 will be reduced by a few thousand – perhaps from around NOK 15,000 for the cheapest, to NOK 13,000?”

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