Warning: very slippery roads in large parts of the country – many accidents

Warning: very slippery roads in large parts of the country – many accidents

There are difficult driving conditions on roads in many places on Boxing Day, which has already led to several traffic accidents. Warnings have been issued in many places.

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Already on the evening of Christmas Day, it was freezing and soapy in many places in western Norway.

The Met Office has issued an ice warning for the outermost regions of Järn and Stavanger to Stott.

Road accidents

On Boxing Day (Tuesday), several traffic accidents occurred due to slippery roads.

On the E18 Tingstveit between Arendal and Grimstad, five cars were involved in a chain collision.

There were a total of 12 people in the five cars, many of whom were injured, the police wrote.

– All concerned got out of the cars, writing to the police in Akhtar just after 3 p.m.

2 people were sent to the hospital by ambulance. 6 people came out unhurt from this clash.

– None of the people involved were described as seriously injured, Eric Andersen, chief of police operations in the Akter police district, tells VG.

The road was cleared and reopened to traffic just after 4pm.

– If there is a queue on the site, this will take some time to be resolved, Vegtrafiksentralen writes.

A car ran off the road and crashed into a rock face at Chandalen in Akhtar on Tuesday morning.

– Patrolmen at the scene report that there were two people in the car and both were uninjured. Police wrote that the slippery road surface was the cause and the car was driving at a low speed.

In Karmøy, there were also reports of a car driving over guard rails on slippery roads. And in Sveio, a car ended up on its head – with no one injured.

– Looks like a comfortable accident on a smooth road, police write.

problem in large parts of the country

Also, the following hazard warnings have been issued on Boxing Day (Tuesday):

  • Snow in the Nordfjord, Møre and Romsdal and Sør-Trøndelag areas
  • Heavy snowfall in the northern parts of the mountains in southern Norway
  • Snow (from evening) in parts of Nordland.

A snow warning has been issued for Aktor and southwestern Rogaland since Wednesday, and a snow warning for eastern Norway since Thursday.

Winds will be very strong in parts of Rogaland and Westland on Wednesday evening.

Winter Fair: At 2.25 pm it was like this on national highway 651 Stikedalen in Nordfjordeid.

– For God's sake

Opposite Television 2 Anders Opel, Operations Manager at Sørvest Police District, comes with an urgent request:

– It is still very slippery, especially the side roads, the coast and the roads in the north of the district. Drive according to the conditions and take your time. For God's sake, put winter tires on the car, he says.

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He says the slippery roads have prepared him for many accidents.

– As soon as people started taking to the roads, accidents started happening here, says Oppedal.

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