wc ski, cross country | Carlson lied the whole time: – I wanted to go home

wc ski, cross country |  Carlson lied the whole time: – I wanted to go home

Planica (Netavisen): The Swedish star took home the World Cup silver medal on Saturday behind teammate Ebba Andersson in the 15km ski event in Planica.

Now it turns out that it was in no way a foregone conclusion.

Carlson told the press that she felt happy before the tournament, but the truth is completely different.

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To Nettavisen, the Swede reveals that she is about to go home from pre-WC training camp.

– I considered it.

Did you run into more problems than I said earlier?

– Yes, Carlson tells NetVision.

– I was sick after the Tour de Ski and then trained harder than my body could handle afterwards. I went a little deeper into the cellar, explains the Swede.

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That’s why I lied

However, it was important for Carlson to hide the problems. First of all for its own convictions.

All I tell myself is, “I’m fine.” If I had told you beforehand that it wouldn’t go well, I don’t think it would either. I had to tell myself “this is going to be okay” and that’s what I did. Carlson says, he took me here.

Saturday’s silver medal winner is very happy in the Planica sunshine when she opens up about the troubles that lie ahead.

Rest and focus on taking profits were key to her ability to recover after the round.

– I was very depressed. I don’t know how hard it will be after that, says Carlson.

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looking forward

On Saturday, she should have seen herself defeated by teammate Anderson, but even though the latter showed tremendous form in the first practice, Carlson didn’t seem concerned about her golden chances at the championship.

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– We know where we have Iba. It’s always a high level on her. I myself felt that I needed this race here. A little to lower the shoulders and a little to bring the figure up again. It feels good, Carlson says.

On the opening distance, she was content to just take home a medal anyway.

“Silver tastes good,” says a delighted and perhaps relieved Carlson.

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