– We cannot waste a kilowatt-hour of energy, says the minister.

- We cannot waste a kilowatt-hour of energy, says the minister.

Spanish authorities fear the consequences of an energy crisis. Hence, they introduce several cost saving measures. Similar measures are not needed in Norway, the analyst believes.

The Barcelona church La Sagrada Familia was associated with the Earth Hour in 2010. Soon the basilica gets dark after 10pm.

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The government in Spain has ordered companies in the country to limit energy use. Companies must turn off lights at 10 p.m. The government also sets guidelines on the indoor climate of companies.

In summer, the air conditioning cannot be reduced below 27 degrees. In winter, the temperature cannot be set above 19 degrees. It appears in a Conclusion If approved on Monday.

That means illuminated offices, shop windows, statues and monuments will go dark in the evening. Shopping centers, hotels, theaters, cinemas, airports and railway stations are cold in winter and hot in summer. The measures the government has now introduced will apply until November 2023.

Similar energy measures already apply to public administration buildings. Until then, Spanish families can do as they please. The aim of the measures is to conserve energy for the winter.

Spain’s Minister for Environmental Change, Teresa Ribera, said the measures were introduced to show solidarity with Europe in its energy crisis. El Pies.

– We cannot waste even one kilowatt hour of energy, he said.

Teresa Ribera, here in connection with an energy crisis meeting in Brussels at the end of July.

To be less dependent on Russian gas

The Spanish government hopes that the austerity measures will help achieve several goals. Spain itself has a target of reducing gas consumption by 7 percent. Also, the EU wants to reduce gas demand among member states by 15 percent by March.

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This is due to the war in Ukraine. This has made European access to Russian gas uncertain.

Spain is among some EU countries that have already taken steps to become less dependent on Russian gas. In 2020, it didn’t come 10.5 percent The country’s gas from Russia.

It is better to turn off the lamp, but more can be gained by heating

But what could we save if we did something similar in Norway?

– In Norway, warming is very important, says NTNU professor Asgeir Tomasgaard.

Nevertheless, he is clear that turning off the lights when the building is not in use is a good energy saver.

– Both money and energy are saved. But reducing heat-related consumption has a far greater effect, says the professor.

Reducing the energy used for heating is a very time-consuming process. So Tomascard believes that the measures Spain is introducing now will have the greatest effect in the short term.

Asgeir Tomasgard is a professor in the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU.

If you look further into the future, he believes energy efficiency in buildings will be important.

– i.e. building standards and rehabilitation focusing on the same level of comfort, but with lower energy consumption.

In 2016, NVE did one Analysis Energy use in Norwegian commercial buildings. The analysis found that heating buildings is the most energy consuming. Lighting is a very small part of energy consumption.

– We are in a slightly different situation in Norway

Energy analysts say it is difficult to quantify the effect similar measures would have had in Norway, both on energy use and electricity prices.

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– But the more you reduce consumption, the more you can influence prices, all else being equal, says Fabian Roningen. He is an analyst at Rystad Energy.

Constituent Intelligence analyst Leanne Hagen believes the measures may have had “a certain” effect.

– We are in a slightly different situation in Norway than in Spain. Most of our power is hydroelectric, he says.

Norwegian authorities have encouraged hydropower producers to reduce production to save water for autumn and winter.

– We can see the effect of the increase in filling volume in warehouses in the south of the country, Hagen says.

He believes that electricity prices in Norway will primarily be driven by growth in production, consumption growth and reservoir fill levels in southern Norway. That’s why she means per now that such saving measures are not needed in Norway.

– Energy prices push us as individuals and as a society in the direction of energy efficiency. It makes us feel more energized than before. The situation is making people re-examine their consumption patterns, Hagen says.

The upcoming weather forecast could be good news for reservoirs. Here is Kalhövtfjord in Hardangervidda in early June.

Not everyone is thrilled

Monday’s decree gives Spanish companies seven days to comply with the new energy rules.

It is also worth noting that the decree allows for softening of the measures in case of extreme heat, for example. If this year’s summer in Europe is any indication, that could happen soon.

But not everyone is satisfied with the measures that have just been introduced. Political forces fear these measures will create uncertainty and slow down tourism.

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– Isabel Díaz Ayuzo said Madrid “will not be shut down”. He is president of the Madrid region of the conservative Partido Popular. It writes The Times.

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