– We follow along from hour to hour

– We follow along from hour to hour

Ringerike municipality has evacuated more than 1,500 people from flood-prone areas along rivers north and south of Honefoss.

One of the sculptures in the sculpture garden of the currently underwater Kistefos Museum.

Near the Randsfjorden is the Kistefos Sculpture Museum, which is rapidly increasing in water level.

Many statues are currently underwater.

They follow up from hour to hour, says Kari Roll Mathisen, director of the Kistefos Museum:

– We decided to close the museum to the public from tomorrow until Monday in the first place. We put the safety of employees and the public first.

The decision comes after close dialogue with the Gefnaker municipality and the power station.

Other places also have to take drastic measures after experiencing severe weather Hans.

At the Klækken Hotel east of Hønefoss, the evacuees are in the assembly room.

They have received an offer from the municipality to stay at the hotel. Crisis team leader Ida Henriksen says the evacuees will be divided into different rooms.

– More and more people are coming, but last time we did a census, we were about 90 to 100 people here, you say.

Anita Isabella Sully Larsen and Ariel Marie Larsen arrived at the Klækken Hotel this afternoon, with their four-year-old cat, Timon.

More than 1,500 people have been evacuated

So far we have evacuated just over 1,500 people. So far, it is not appropriate to evacuate more people, but there is a discussion going on, Magnus Nilholm, director of emergencies at Ringerike municipality, told NTB.

In Hønefoss, extensive work is currently underway to build flood defenses along Storelva. According to the Norwegian Directorate for Waterways and Energy (NVE), there has been flooding for 50 years in large parts of Drammensvassdraget. Honefoss and Drammen are expected to be severely affected by water damage.

Among those evacuating were residents of six apartment blocks in Pentrud, which is located near the banks of the Storelva River, south of the city centre.

The evacuation was somewhat extended through Wednesday due to areas of quicksand.

Spectators look out at Hønefoss’ mighty water masses.

Animal sensitivity and room distribution

Back at the Klækken Hotel, Henriksen tells us that there are certain rooms where they can have animals. At the moment, they cannot take animals into hotel rooms due to allergies. You never know who will be in which room.

The hotel has 42 rooms available. There are also house guests who have been here before and are still allowed to stay in the hotel. For the municipality, it is important to take care of health first.

Henriksen explains that patients who have been evacuated from their homes and have home services have priority in rooms here.

Together with Henriksen is Siri Foshaugen. She is a nurse and assisted in evacuating people who needed additional healthcare, so that appropriate medicines were brought to the hotel.

– Everyone who already has health services receives assistance for this, in the same way as they would at home, says Vochogin.

Both Christiansen and Foshugen say the situation is under control.

Uncertain expectations

Preliminary forecasts from the Norwegian Department of Water Resources and Energy (NVE) indicate an increase in the water level by 1 meter from Tuesday to Thursday. There will be new forecasts on Wednesday. The situation is uncertain.

Geifnacker Municipality writes this on its website.

NVE has extended a red hazard warning for Viken and Innlandet through Thursday. The large straits that will receive all the water are expected to rise sharply in the coming days.

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