Weather, Trondheim | Now the situation will be milder – “hot” could be in the coming days

Temperatures above 10 degrees are now expected in Trondheim.

Thursday It snowed in Bymarka, And so hope was lit at the start of the ski season for ski lovers in the city. But there’s no reason to take out the skis properly yet, according to Trond Lien.

He is a meteorologist at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and now announces a change in the weather. Now the weather will be mild.

– Now warmer air is on the way. He says it won’t be hot, but it’s mild.

The meteorologist says temperatures will rise and reach about 10 degrees over the weekend.

– Then we get wind mainly from the southwest. There are often nice drafts when you come from that ledge, he says.

This is how long it will last

According to Yan, the mild weather will likely last for a while. However, it is difficult to say exactly how long.

– There won’t be snow at first, is that?

– No. He laughs that there will be no snow, and there will probably be many who will be pleased with it.

This is how the weekend will be

Next weekend there will be a change in weather, especially on Saturday.

– There will be some showers, but maybe it’s a little sunny too. On Sunday the weather will be more cloudy, and some rain will likely fall during the day. He says it turns gray evenly.

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