What don’t we as coaches understand?

What don’t we as coaches understand?

Handball season Things are going well, and here comes a sigh of relief from an enthusiastic but desperate coach. The Handball Federation is very clear that we must play as many matches as possible. In handball, unfortunately, we do not have the division of levels as in football, so our job as coaches is to achieve this. We will go in and adjust the game so that both teams get the best possible benefit and development.

i don’t think so It is largely implemented privately. Our first three matches we lost by more than ten goals in each match. We have successfully brought in five new players this year and have almost doubled the number of players after an extensive and intense recruitment period by both us adults and the boys themselves. So it is not very motivating for new or established players to experience planning by opponents.

It wasn’t me who was paid for by the sponsors

We played a game recently, We were ahead 4-5 five minutes before the end of the match. Then we put the less trained players and new players in the middle parts of the field, so that they have the opportunity to take on more responsibility and try themselves. Which led to us winning the match by only one goal. But we left the field as a better team, and the opposition left the field feeling a little better. Win, win. Two hours later we played another match, where we beat and lost by nearly 20 goals. Later in the evening, I was going to play a match myself in Nidarøhallen (yes, I’m old enough for it to be called that for me), and those who played before us were boys born in 2012, from another division. One team won by 30 (!!!) goals. what’s up? Do you think that the losing team left the hall and thought: Yes, handball is fun! I have to bring more friends to this!”? I imagine they felt hopeless and had not mastered the sport. Anyway, my children go downstairs when they feel like it, and most of them then want to stop playing handball.

What is this We as coaches do not understand? We want boys’ handball to be attractive and for many boys to participate in this wonderful sport. If we continue like this, we’ll only have four or five teams left in Trondheim because no one thinks it’s fun anymore. No one benefits from winning by more than ten goals. Little development for the winning teams and little development for the losing teams. Now I want everyone to go inside themselves and look at their practices. We are the ones who should make handball fun. Taking people who are there to be with their friends is just as important as taking others.

Was everything really so rosy?

Such activity is not free, nor is it available to everyone

Contradictions can become so great that discord and unfriendliness create intolerable relationships

if you think It’s hard to organize and adapt along the way, so here are some tips:

  • Target a new player. We can never have enough goalkeepers.

  • Do you score a lot on counterattacks? Let them know that now we will practice more well-established attacks.

  • Move more trained players to positions where they will not be as dominant.

  • Take one player out, so the remaining players have to work harder.

  • Make a rule that they must now practice shooting from ten metres.

  • Let them practice using the wrong hand.

I saw the same trend Last year, but it’s more clear this year, now that we’re starting to put goals on the board. Can we agree to reverse this unfortunate development before we lose many teams? I have faith. And I hope it was because you weren’t conscious, and not because you wanted to run over 11-year-olds.

The post was originally sent as a message to the coaches of the teams that Klæbu IL meets in the boys’ series born in 2012.

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