Why do we say no to Raytan?

Why do we say no to Raytan?

One might think So much for EC Dahls Eiendom, or Reitan as Trygve Lundemo wrote in a comment in Adresseavisen on February 4.

Londimo points out that EC Dahls Eiendom is already one of the largest building owners in the city, so is it okay for them to take over and become a larger property owner?

But, and this is a big one, but who else has the opportunity to take on Entra's building block? In my view, it is a great advantage to remain in Tronder's hands and not with owners, for example, in Oslo or in foreign funds.

We all have it Look at what they've achieved with buildings that some others surely wouldn't spend a lot of money on. Then it becomes more reassuring with EC Dahls Eiendom.

Londimo fears that we politicians don't dare say no/stop, so why should we? We must encourage those who see the opportunities for the city and are willing to use their own money to make the city more attractive to residents and visitors!

Then we politicians can use citizens' tax money for matters required by law.

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