You can enter the teacher’s education with 2 in mathematics

You can enter the teacher’s education with 2 in mathematics

Stein Vidar Samuelsen apparently did not do the homework he received from me: the requirement of four applies only to the simplest practical mathematics in high school.

Reader’s letter This is a discussion post, written by an outside contributor. The publication expresses the author’s positions.

If one chooses one of the mathematics program subjects S = social studies or R = science in Vg2 (second grade), it is sufficient to pass, ie at least second grade. This has resulted in students who master mathematics well and who have a plan to become teachers do not dare to take mathematics S or R because they think they should have 4 in these subjects. Thus, the entry requirement for teacher education is a 2 in Mathematics for students who take S1 or R1 in Vg2.

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I totally agree with Samuelsen that all subjects are important, but he finds it difficult to understand why mathematics is so important. I mentioned this in my previous post on the debate, but I’d like to repeat:

  1. Mathematics is, firstly, an important subject of tool for many other sciences, particularly in the natural sciences and economics. In all subjects it is useful and necessary to have good mathematical knowledge.
  2. Second, mathematics is the only exact science in which all statements are either true or false, yes or no, current or uncirculated. The latter has provided the basis for the massive digital revolution we have witnessed in recent decades.
  3. Third, the subject of mathematics has an intrinsic value that increases the ability to think logically and a better opportunity to organize and organize the world around us. Without mathematics, democracy will perish.
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Finally, I would like to emphasize that I did not participate primarily in this discussion in defense of the four claims, but because very many, including Samuelsen, do not adhere to the truth. It is not true that one must have a grade 4 in Mathematics to be a qualified applicant for teacher education. If a student chooses 1P on Vg1 and S1 on Vg2, he retains the second class on average.

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