You want as many people as possible to test positive themselves

– As expected, the infection is increasing in our local community now.

Mette Røkenes, Chief Municipal Doctor in Sortland Municipality.
Photo: Ron Cr. Ellingsen

That’s what Sortland municipality chief medical officer Mitt Roxins wrote in a press release that appeared Monday.

All age groups are affected, the mayor wrote, but a few develop hypertensive disease and most have mild symptoms and recover quickly.

We keep trying to prevent too many people from getting sick at the same time so we can keep the wheel of society moving. Therefore, we still rely on people who stay home when they are sick and self-test to see if they have Covid-19.

The municipality wants as many people as possible to use the solution with self-registration of a positive self-test, information about which you can find on the municipality’s website.

“We see that the percentage of people using this is increasing and it seems to be an easy-to-use solution,” the mayor writes.

There will be changes

I also wrote that due to the increased pressure of infection, there will be changes in the PCR test procedures.

The burden on laboratories in hospitals is very high and the changes coming now mean that fewer people will be offered a positive PCR when they self-test. With Omikron taking over as the dominant mutation, there will be several changes to infection tracking and testing systems in the coming weeks. You write, we will try to communicate changes as they occur.

At the test station in Sortland, the following national changes will be followed from now on:

A positive PCR test is not recommended for the following individuals:

1. Persons receiving the third dose of the vaccine (booster dose).

2. People who received two doses of coronary artery vaccine and then underwent COVID-19 within the past three months.

Positive PCR test or The confirmatory antigen rapid test for professional use is recommended for the following persons:

1. Persons with primary or secondary immunodeficiency, including organ transplant recipients and immunosuppressed persons.

2. Children and adolescents between 0-16 years.

3. Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people without booster dose and need corona certificate

On Monday, the municipality of Sortland reports its location website Express exams can also be taken at Servicetorget in City Hall.

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