Zelensky to the Russians: – I am sure that many are disgusted with the policies of their country – VG

New letter a month later: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky published a new letter.

President Volodymyr Zelensky is addressing the Russian people directly, expressing concern about divisions ahead of this week’s NATO, European Union and Group of Seven meetings.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued a new message A message to their people and the worldThe next day, a month after the start of the Russian invasion.

There he writes that Russia’s war is not just a war against Ukraine, but against freedom throughout the world. Everyone is asked to stand up to the war.

Show your place! Get out of their offices, out of their homes, out of schools and universities. Come out in the name of peace. He wrote: Come to the Ukrainian icons to support Ukraine, support freedom, and say yes to life.

writes for russians

He addresses himself directly to the Russian people, as he did in the past.

I am sure many of you are disgusted with your country’s policies. Who gets sick from what you see on TV. Nausea Lies Preachers on the Internet writes and follows.

– Promoters who pay out of your tax money. Who lies about war, who gets paid with tax money. Which makes the entire population of Russia poorer. Poorer with each passing day.

– Isn’t that stupid? Your country taxes you to make you poorer. To isolate yourself from the world. To make it easier for you to control. And make it easier for them to send you to death, wrote the chief.

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He writes that Ukraine has never threatened Russia’s security. And when Ukraine wins, the children of Russians will not be sent to die in Ukraine either.

Evacuation shot: 13-year-old Melina was hit by a shell while trying to evacuate from the bombed city of Mariupol in eastern Ukraine.

Therefore, Russian citizens are also interested in peace: they saved their sons from war. Tell the truth about the war. And if you can leave Russia so they can’t take your tax money, do it.

I think Russia is leading influence

This week, US President Joe Biden is in Europe, and there are very important summits in NATO, the European Union and the Group of Seven. President of the United States in place to strengthen the unity of the Westand to show Ukraine’s full support.

President Zelensky once again expresses his disappointment that NATO has not imposed a no-fly zone in Ukraine, and that the country has not obtained the weapons needed to defend itself. At the same time, he worries that Russia will try to create division.

– We know that Russia has already started a campaign of pressure for their interests. Their interests revolve around war. We know they work with their partners.

We will be strongly represented in all meetings. We will see in these meetings: who are friends, who are partners, and who will betray us for money. (…) Together we must prevent Russia from destroying anyone in NATO, the European Union or the G7. From smashing someone to taking the side of war. We’ll see March 24.

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