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Stewart Rhodes

The indictments are the first after the storm and show how seriously the Department of Justice takes the case, type CNN.

Among the accused is the department’s guard leader, Stuart Rhodes, 56, who was arrested by the FBI on Thursday. In the indictment, the Justice Department notes, among other things, a number of new details about how the attack was planned and carried out.

Background as a soldier and lawyer

Stuart Rhodes was arrested on January 13, just over a year after the storm.

Photo: Collin County PD / AFP

According to the indictment, 11 people are blamed for conspiring together to lead a rebellion.

Rhodes was according to Washington Post He gave a speech in Congress on January 6 last year when the intrusion occurred. He himself claimed that he was not present at the Capitol.

Many of those who stood behind them and participated in the break-in have already been sentenced to prison terms and fines.

Oath Keepers was founded by Elmer Stewart Rhodes in 2009. He is a Yale Law School graduate, and was a former paratrooper and advisor to Republican Congressman Ron Paul.

Wear camouflage clothing and request weapons

The far-right militia has been distinguished by hosting political meetings and demonstrations in defense of the right to bear arms, which they say Democrats want to take away from it.

They have expressed their full support for Donald Trump, whom they believe is the only president who has truly defended the Constitution.

A large percentage of the department’s guards members have an army or police background. They wear camouflaged militia uniforms and explicitly request the use of firearms at meetings and demonstrations.

Stewart Rhodes at a meeting in Hartford, Connecticut April 20, 2013.

The far-right militia Oath Keepers was founded in 2009 with the goal of defending the United States Constitution. This photo shows Stuart Rhodes’ speech at a meeting in Hartford, Connecticut in 2013.

Photo: Jared Ramsdell / AP

I don’t think it was spontaneous

According to a CNN commentator, the new indictments remove all doubt about how seriously the prosecution is taking the storm. They are now far from downplaying the attack as something enthusiastic supporters spontaneously participated in.

Washington State Attorney General Carl A. Racine, on behalf of the city government, has filed a civil lawsuit against far-right groups The Proud Boys and Auth Ketters for damages to police officers, buildings and equipment.

Calls in tech giants

Meanwhile, the congressional committee investigating the storm has summoned major tech companies Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Reddit and Alphabet (Google). The committee wants to clarify the role of social media in planning and executing the intrusion.

The purpose is to gain access to data that could establish a potential connection between the insurgents and the White House.

The panel’s Democratic leader, Benny Thompson, says he agreed with the four sentiments because the company had ignored previous requests for insight into how the platforms were useful in planning the attack.

He asked and Twitter to explain what they were based on at the time President Donald Trump shut down Twitter two days after the attack. At the time, Twitter was citing several messages from Trump that they believed called for an election.

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