FHI hopes that individual measures for those who have not been vaccinated will bring relief to others in the community – VG

FHI hopes that individual measures for those who have not been vaccinated will bring relief to others in the community - VG
Risk: The FHI points out that preventing those who are not vaccinated from high-risk areas will protect them from serious illness. As a high risk, many of them inside the house stand close, screaming, dancing and singing.

The government will now consider a corona passport to exclude unvaccinated persons from operations, but this is not the solution Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store (Labor Party) wants.


FHI Meaning The running omigron wave cannot be stopped. The goal is to balance the basket with measures that do not place too much burden on the health service.

There, the majority of Govt-19 patients admitted to the hospital and intensive care unit are unvaccinated.

Because the FHI believes that the protection of those vaccinated against the infection by the Omicron variant “seems small”, they do not believe that the introduction of measures aimed at a small group of non-vaccinated individuals will have a major impact on the spread of infection in the community.

But those who are not vaccinated less often fall seriously ill – thus reducing the burden of health care. The FHI points to a professional council for the government.

– Indirectly, the FHI writes that this could lead to a lower load of activities for other people and that we could relax public action as the efficiency of the health service is no longer threatened.

  • How many people have not been vaccinated? The FHI says about 321,000 people over the age of 18 in Norway have not been vaccinated. They point out that in December 2021, 57 per cent of those who were not vaccinated had to be hospitalized for Covit-19 and 70 per cent of those admitted to the intensive care unit due to Covit-19.
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The Norwegian Directorate of Health points out that exemption from additional measures for those who have been vaccinated now will increase the spread of the infection.

– In the long run, it may be more appropriate to facilitate action for the general public, and to maintain their own recommendations and potential barriers for those who have not been vaccinated, they write On its Professional Council.

The government has not yet introduced any separate measures for those who have not been vaccinated.

D Will Ha More reviews Before determining the corona passport that can be distinguished between vaccinated and non-vaccinated from the Norwegian Directorate of Health and NIPH.

– Prime Minister Jonas Kahr told Store (Labor) Viji that we are ready to use such a corona certificate and are asking the unions to provide us with updated information on the Omigron variant.

But he insists that is not the main focus.

– What I want to do is make the process easier and more people can be vaccinated, says the store:

The FHI points to several shortcomings

However, the FHI is skeptical – and this indicates that it is a tough trade.

– We find that it has little effect on the spread of infection, but it does have an effect on protecting those who are not vaccinated in high-risk situations for infection. It may be important to be hospitalized, but where such measures are appropriate, the spread of the disease in the community will be high and there will be many situations in which they too could be affected, says Line Vault, director of the department at FHI. V.G.

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The question, therefore, is whether those who are not vaccinated can be protected from serious diseases or whether they can be protected by avoiding vulnerable areas.

– We’ll see about that, but the store says they don’t want to draw attention away from the fact that the best way you can provide non-vaccinated protection is to vaccinate them.

– So it may be relevant, but isn’t that their focus now?

– No, that’s right. But we’ve heard it, and we’re interested in getting an answer and deciding if we can do it, says Store.

FHI Pulls out The widespread use of corona certificates to exclude certain segments of the population from activities may lead to reduced living standards, strengthen inequality, and weaken support for other anti-infective measures.

At the same time, such a corona pass can bring relief to others:

– This will lead to a lower load on professional health care, and those who are not vaccinated now make up the majority of inpatients, thus reducing the need for comprehensive closures for all. But that means those who are not vaccinated will be excluded from certain activities. Screwer FHI.

– Such a decision requires discussions other than those of infection control experts, and is a political, value issue, Screwer FHI.

Used as a printing press in Europe

Many countries are using restrictions and corona passes to forcefully vaccinate more people – the FHI strongly opposes.

– Vaccination must be voluntary is an important policy in Norway, and the use of corona certification should not be intended to encourage residents to be vaccinated, the FHI believes.

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Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store emphasizes that Norway – along with the voluntary vaccine – has one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe.

– I do not think this will be a decisive point in vaccinating people or reducing the burden of infection. The unions say so, and you see this from other countries – in many contexts they are not controlling the epidemic. Store tells Vijay that we should not put too much emphasis on what solutions can be provided.

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