Andrea Sveinsdöttir: – The worst that could happen

Andrea Sveinsdöttir: – The worst that could happen

Andrea Sveinsdöttir (27) and Morton Dalhousie (29) They both fell head over heels for each other when they participated in the reality series “Love Island Norway”.

Since then, things have been going well for the couple, and in the four years they’ve been lovers, a lot has happened for both of them.

Among other things, they have moved from Kristiansand to Oslo. They bought an apartment together and got engaged. Every week they update followers on the couple’s relationship on the podcast “Couple Talk with Morton and Andrea”.

In couples dialogue, they openly share about the ups and downs of their relationship while trying to solve their own challenges and those of the listeners.

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In this week’s episode, the pair came up with a bit of a sad update, which caused concern among regular listeners.

Svensdóttir said his health was not so good during the day, while revealing that he even suffered from being misdiagnosed with a disorder he was diagnosed with earlier this year.

– I was told that I was suffering from arthritis, but now I had another check-up – I got the message that I am not suffering from arthritis. I told you all – sorry!

She says she still suffers from rheumatism, but doctors still can’t pinpoint where it is in her body, and she’s been given a new medication every day to relieve some of the discomfort.

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– I started taking medicine, but I got serious side effects from them. I was worse from my meds than I was from the disease. Fortunately, I had no problem switching the medicine I had been taking for almost three months. The ones I have now are very mild. I get fewer side effects from them and they work more specifically on the real ailments I have.

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Problems are lined up

Even though the influential couple has endured multiple ailments, misdiagnoses and a wedding annulment in 2022, the pile of challenges seems to keep mounting.

Svensdóttir can tell his listeners that he received an encouraging message from a doctor while in Thailand:

She was diagnosed with severe cell changes.

– It was like another thing that went over our heads. 2022 will be a very difficult year, but I am fine. I’m actually quite good, she says as Dagbladet picks up the thread.

– In 2019 I was diagnosed with mild cell changes and then I completely panicked. Then I got scared – I didn’t know what that meant and immediately went there thinking about cancer. Now I’m much calmer – miraculously enough, he adds.

The 27-year-old says she was referred to a gynecologist, where she underwent an examination and a biopsy. If the test results aren’t good, she’ll have to have a cannibalization — a minor surgery in which part of the endometrium is removed.

– This is an intervention to prevent cell changes from becoming cervical cancer. It’s the worst that can happen right now and I can live with that, he tells Dogbladet.

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I learned a lot

Svensdóttir declares that he has learned a lot since the cell changes were first detected in 2019.

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She adds that sometimes she can feel a responsibility to pass on the knowledge to her listeners so they too can check for cell changes – both women and men.

– At first I didn’t know if I would have the courage to share this, but at the same time we’re very open on our podcast, so it’s always natural to talk about it. Then we try to put forward the “check yourself” campaign. It’s better to test yourself once too often than too often.

The influencer says that the roommate is good at taking care of her and that he cares a lot for her while they’re both waiting for answers from tests.

– I think about it a lot, and I’m obviously excited for the answer. Due to the Christmas holidays we will have to wait 4-5 weeks to know anything, but luckily Morton is good to be around during this period. It took him a while to realize what the doctor was really telling me, but once he did, he was very concerned about me. He takes good care of me, thankfully.

Although they face a lot of uncertainty over the holidays, Andrea remains positive and tells Dogbladet that she’s keeping her fingers crossed that the answers they get will be in their favor.

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