Mobile Phone, Police | Half of the drivers sin behind the wheel: – it is incredibly dangerous

Mobile Phone, Police |  Half of the drivers sin behind the wheel: – it is incredibly dangerous

(Demands of Time): During a behavior check in October, a man was stopped by police. Officers on patrol at the top of Kombakken in Kristiansand thought the man had been typing on his mobile phone while driving.

The man explained that he had kept the phone in a cupboard on the dashboard and had picked it up when it fell down. Apart from this, he talked on the phone hands-free through Bluetooth.

The man did not agree and the case ended up in court.

After reviewing similar rulings and regulations regarding mobile phone use, the court concluded that the person should be punished for using a mobile phone while driving.

– In the above background, the Court finds that it is proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused was holding the mobile phone while driving and used the mobile phone while driving.

He was fined NOK 12,000.

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A very dangerous one

– The amount of fines has skyrocketed for good reason. Because it’s incredibly dangerous, says Frende Forsikring’s specialist motor expert Roger Ytre-Hauge in a press release.

The penalty is a fine of NOK 9,700 and three points on the driver’s license.

– Distractions are one of the most dangerous things when you are in traffic. Whether it’s a mobile phone or other things that distract you, it can end up in deeply tragic accidents with fatalities and serious injuries, says Geir Tangstad-Holdahl, general manager of the Swedish Road Traffic Safety Association.

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– We know from previous studies that inattention was a factor in one in three accidents from 2011 to 2015. There are many, says Tangstad-Holdel.

“Everyone” knows where the line is

Don’t Norwegians know it’s illegal to look at a mobile phone while standing at a red light? Or when they are standing in line? not at all!

– In a survey conducted for us by Norstad, 1,007 Norwegians also answered whether they knew when they were breaking the law. 95 percent said they are in control of the rules for mobile phone use in the car. Roger Yatre-Hodge at Freunde Forsikring says that it’s scary that nearly half say they break them knowingly and willingly.

In Westfold and Telemark, 45 percent responded that they break mobile phone rules.

– The mobile phone and the car are not together unless they are mounted in a holder. If you want to check a message, change podcasts, or make a phone call, you have to step aside and stop completely. You should not be in the traffic picture while checking your mobile phone. Think about whether the news you read or hear is dramatic or frightening. Subject Manager Friend tells you how to handle it if you drive it once you get it.

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