Eldfin’s (69) life’s work destroyed: — sadness and despondency

Eldfin’s (69) life’s work destroyed: — sadness and despondency
Destroyed: “Three Goats Roaring” is one of Ostgard’s favorite installations. Here, all the wooden figures were knocked over, but luckily there was no major damage.

Woodcutter Eldfinn Austigard (69) has been bringing young and old to the “Fairy Tale Forest” in Hjelmeland municipality for years. Now zeal is frustrated.

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– I was jogging yesterday morning when I met a lady who said that she had seen vandalism in the adventure forest. And then I had to go and see,” says Eldfin Astigard.

He was disheartened by the sight that met him. Many of his wooden figures were broken.

– It amazes me that people do such things. I get a feeling of sadness and discouragement. Ostigard tells VG that it’s clear that only unbalanced people were able to do this.

So far, Ostigard has counted seven vandalized wooden figures. Noses, ears, and hands are torn off, and many figures fall down:

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It’s Ostigard who cuts out the figures himself with a chainsaw – before he brings out the details with wood carving tools – and finally a coat of paint.

– Yesterday was a difficult day. It’s hard to understand who would be happy to do that, says Woodcutter.

It was Stavanger Aftenblad Who first mentioned the subject

Free leisure offer

Eventyrskogen is a free recreation offer in Årdal in Hjelmeland municipality, which has a 1.3 kilometer trail with several tree figures.

The figures are based on Norwegian fairy tales and feature, among others, kapahuks, cabins, trolls and goats. Norwegian Trekking Association Describes the trip as “a fitness trail for your senses.”

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– How long did it take you to create this entire track?

– The open space offering is 15 years old, so all of these were launched in small numbers. The path gradually increased. The last installation I did was last year, so I’m still working, says Ostigard.

– How much time do you spend on each figure?

– It takes a lot of time to generate statistics. I spend a long time finding the perfect stump and a little bit of cutting. Ultimately, it needs to be transported to the location, Ostigard says.

Woodcutter: Eldfinn Austigard has worked with Eventyrskogen for 15 years.

– Need to inform

“The Three goats roar” is one of Astigard’s favorite installations. Although all the wooden figures were knocked down, Astigard was unable to find any material damage.

– The incredible thing is that the goats that went into the stream did not suffer material damage! I can’t see any of them being broken. So the adventure with the goats roared, where the goat stuck the goblin under the bridge, so now both the goat and the goblins are flaying the criminals, Ostigard says confidently.

– Do you plan to adjust the stats again?

Yes I have. I spoke to the municipal councillor. If I need it, I will get the help I need, and it will take some time.

– Are you going to report?

– Woodcutter says I have promised to file a complaint with the councilor in the municipality.

– What is your next addition to Eventyrskogen?

– I am working on a completely new project with many figures. Now there are characters about a fairy tale about pancakes, says Ostigard.

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Councilor Viktor Jull tells Stavanger Afteblad that they will meet with Östergaard on Monday to discuss what can be done to get the figures back.

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